Absolutely ridiculous!

After thinking about purchasing this Pimax headset with the headphones, I thought it was going to be the perfect product. Couple days have gone by and so much time has went into thinking of this purchase. I was about to purchase it, HOWEVER as soon as I went to grab my card and sign in to GearBest, LITERALLY the price jumped from $350.00 to $375.00

This is absolutely crazy. I’ve spent so long reviewing this product and thinking of a purchase, and now it’s out of my price range.

I really wanted this product but now I am unable to get my hands onto it. This is under support just to get my message to Pimax.

Don’t ever raise a products price near the holidays. It’s a terrible idea.

Edit: Thank you everyone for the responses. I will be making the purchase later today most likely. Before I left my home this morning I used the Promo code you’ve all provided and it seemed to work, I’ll keep all of you updated to see how it turns out!

Update: I successfully ordered the Pimax 4K VR. After selecting shipping methods instead of spending $0.00 for shipping, I decided to spend a bit more plus insurance incase if something were to happen hence the expensive price and the delicacy of the product.

After the holidays I will give a formal review and link this post to a new post that I will create providing an in depth detail of the product and I will answer any questions. Thanks!

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You will find coupon code on the net that work.

use LHPIMAX2 code, the price will be $294.99

Thanks everyone about this coupon, interesting.

I have another question related to the topic, I found the Pimax on AliExpress at good prices. But I also noticed that Pimax had lens issues that might be related to shipping method. Pimax stipulated that shipping method would be modified to avoid this issue, I assume this is with Gearbest.

If I buy on AliExpress, will the shipping method be the good one ? I suppose only Pimax could reply…

With this coupon, price goes really close but without the difference is huge. Thanks for your help.

Thank you so much! I willl be placing the order mosy likely later today. You’re a real life saver!

If I were you I’d make a new post to grab their attention instead of the reply. I would assume shipping would be different with the different company you might purchase from. What you could do also is find out how Pimax ships their headsets and request a different form of shipping from the other site. Best bets would be to order from Gearbest, especially since the new price with the headphones is just under $300. That is unless you found a better deal on the other site of course.

Dont buy this product. You will want your money back as soon as you try it and you will loose all the shipping costs

Very happy with purchase. Software is a nightmare to learn and negotiate but for price and performance. I’m happy. Appreciate that’s not everyone’s experience.
Think it’s important to say there are happy customers.
Message boards are rarely filled with happy customers by the nature of reality. People who have something to complain about are always more vocal than those who are happy :wink:

Try eBay. I got mine direct from manufacturer through eBay auction. Latest firmware brand new. Also never had to pay import taxes. Maybe just lucky

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We’re working with more partners in the region. Please follow the channel purchase terms and choose the best channel for your purchase.

Terms of purchase is developed by the channels, no pimax, we recommend that customers choose the most appropriate purchase channels

I’m very happy with my headset but it was only gearbest customer service that gave me a bad experience.

why do you use this site when they have many complaints.

it was my first and last purchase from gearbest so im hoping you start to use better sellers as i would buy other pimax products in the future.

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This was the first time we send products forum, so there are many problems with selling, we are finding a better way to sold our products. And customers have better choose the best way to buy headsets.

You should allow people of “the rest of the world” to buy Pimax directly to you. Of course China is your first market, it’s so big.

i’m quite happy with my pimax