About the Pimax 8K X

Hello everyone,

@Pimax A whole year, a whole year i’ve been letting money in my bank account sleeping for the pimax 8K X, can you please at least mention it once … at least just tell us are you going to ever do it or no so that i know if i wait for it or if i abondon my whole VR Projects, can you please give us an information, i dont need to know “when it will be released” nor “the price” nor any of that :


Im sick of waiting without you even communicating about it …

(fast answer for anyone that is going to tell me : [get a Pimax 8K] : (nah, i need real 4K not an upscaled image)



As of a few weeks ago they said they were still aiming to get backers 8KX’s out by christmas. They havent officially said if it will be openly available or when yet though.


Yeah can understand your position. It’d be like buying first gen 4k TV with hdmi 1.4

Definitely be great to hear an update. The good though of it not being out yet is better tech coming. Like better bridge chips & screens.


I believe the last official word was that the 8kX was backer-only. However recently it sounds more like they intend the 8kX to be their eventual flagship product, but that’s all without any official statement other than @PimaxUSA hoping to get it out before year’s end (in wording that sounds like a general release, not just ship to backers).


Well the 8kX at beginning was only going to be limited due to hardware limits. And was commmited to being made after folks upset over not being able to deliver 4k native per eye at the time. But more & more deginitely doable with newer tech & new gpus.


I am a PIMAX4K user and a PIMAX8KX backer.
I agree with hardus77 too.
Developers should send official comment mail about PIMAX 8KX plan.
I am tired to visiting this forum and searching about 8KX.
I’m alreay disappointed about Zero update so long time.


Also an 8kX backer / 5k+ loaner user here. Don’t have a problem with Pimax waiting for the point in time where technology has evolved far enough to get the 8kX right. A word about the current status (and even if it is “we are waiting for chip X which is due for date Y”) would be nice though, right.

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@PimaxUSA has said in an interview with MRTV that the 8KX will be Pimax’s flagship product.

Logically you can assume they’ll release it when all their peripherals are ready, or slightly after, Pimaxusa said they already have a few 8KX prototypes in the interview, and that they were aiming for an end of the year release.

Pimax likely wont give any information on it yet, because they’re likely waiting for new screens and bridge chips and nothing is finalised yet.
When it’s ready and finalised they will tell us, it’s a good thing they haven’t said anything yet because the screens are likely going to be better than the 8K’s screens.

Give Pimax suggestions instead like including a proximity sensor, single DP 1.4/1.5 cable, better quality audio jacks, increased ipd and binocular overlap, increased panel utilization with physically moveable screens and lenses when adjusting IPD; instead of moveable lenses and a moveable rendered image (which is reducing the amount of screen used)

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Seriously @SweViver has joined Pimax EU in change of the VERY FIRST PIMAX 8K-X

So, do not repeat it BUT IT’S NEAR READY

Now, we have @SweViver in the team

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Wtf are you talking about…


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He’s claiming that there’s been an info leak and that the 8KX is near the testing phase and that SweViver will be able to test it soon.

I’m skeptical.

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Make two skeptics.

Was thinking though - to get true 4K per eye with the screen system Pimax implemented then maybe - they should use 5K panels per eye. By doing that and then using only 80% of the panel capabilities - it allows for the IPD system Pimax has but gives the end user true 4K per eye capability. Saves on redesigns where panels have to move with lenses in IPD adjustments.

5K panels with proper RGB and 90+ Hz refreash rates.
HDR capable
Headset front casing that doesn’t crack under pressure :sunglasses: