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Please at mention @Pimax-Support for all the questions about Kickstarter shipping, product progress, and suggestions.

Kickstarter updates:

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i ordered the pimax 4k a week ago, it will arrive in a few days. Now I see the information about the pimax 8k. Why did I even order the pimax 4k instead of waiting for the 8k -_- sad days. Thinking about returning it and get a refund.

Any news when the 8k pimax will be released to consumers?

Great news about the new headset, good luck guys, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one! Can Pimax confirm if there will be distributors / agents outside of China from which to purchase the 8K product?

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They have to meet their Kickstarter goal (whatever that figure is) before we can began to even think about this seeing the light.

Hi, as you may know, after CES 2017, we are preparing crowd funding of Kickstarter and roadshow for our new Pimax 8K. It should need at least a few months to test and improve until released to consumers.

Hi SBK, thanks a lot. Consumers would order from some E-commerce platforms(eg. GearBest, Amazon,etc) and local distributors at released time.

Hi Pimax, Congratualtions on ur success with the Pimax 4K. i have been reading through your froums and following development of your projects. i want to order the Pimax8k from kickstarter when it launches. i live in India, can you ship Pimax8k to India from Kickstarter?? . If cannot ship to India from kickstarter, please help me to ship one Pimax8k to India when kickstarter launches?

I really wanna pimax’ 8k vr supporting eyeglasses lense clip or simillar attachable funtion for having poor eyesight.

please take care of this. :slight_smile:

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Hello, let me first just say I think you guys are going to be the driving force for lowering the price of other VR devices, as well as pushing the limits.

While I was planning on purchasing the 4K set, I’m much more eager for an 8K one if I can use it. I have a few questions,
1 - as diedhddl mentioned above, I wear eye-glasses to see far away. Do I need to worry about this for the headset?

2 - All the promotional images seem to indicate this coming with controllers etc for gaming, can you confirm this at this time?

3 - I am a major TV watcher and love having my content with frame doubling, is this a possibility for the device either on release or in it’s future? (doubling the fps of items and delaying the audio appropriately to create a very smooth effect for watching)

4 - What requirements (PC specs) are you expecting to be needed to run this device? I feel as though I may not be able to use the 8K device as I had recently upgraded to only a GTX 1060 prior to learning about your amazingly priced devices

Hi, friend, thanks for your attention. At present, we’re discussing and testing kinds of projects. Regarding 8K issues, please pay attention to our Forum banner or website. : )