About the non-local dimming Crystal Light


During Frontier, we announced the non-local dimming version of the Pimax Crystal Light. This version, despite having the same resolution and refresh rates, uses a panel that is physically different from the local dimming version. (It’s not just a software feature that is disabled.)

The non-local dimming version is being tested internally, and we believe it will become a key product in the Crystal Light product line. However, we ran into supply chain issues for the panel, which causes the non-local dimming version to arrive later than our previous estimate. We have not started mass production for this version yet.

The local dimming version however, is being produced and shipped as scheduled. For users who pre-ordered the non-local dimming version, you can choose:

  1. Continue to wait. Once the non-local dimming version is ready for shipment, we will contact you to make the full payment.
  2. You could choose to upgrade to the with local dimming version, you don’t have to cancel your pre-order but simply contact our customer support (support@pimax.com) and we will keep your position in the shipping order.

We briefly removed the non-local dimming product from the website, because the shipping time — for now — is unclear. This caused some people to think it was canceled. This is absolutely not the case. We’ll give a clearer estimate on the mass production timing of the non-local dimming Crystal Light in the month of July.

PS: You can see the difference between local dimming and none, in this video.