About the distortion map file

Some time ago I read a post about a file where the distortion map was. Can anyone tell me where to find it?

Thank you.

PD - After seeing some reviews about new hmds with great FOV, Pimax should consider giving their users an option to buy a better lens for their 8k / 5k, I’m sure many users would be happy to pay $60 more for this option…


Here is @Sjef topic



Thank you very much, Heliosurge.

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XTAL has made clear the advantages of greater use of the panels.


well, its not like its news that it is good to use as much of the panel as possible, the problem is, can you do it and in a way that’s not to difficult or expansive
as i have heard from the xtal videos (sweviver and voodoode) they at least seem to use a concave/convex lens (or two lenses with 4 surfaces like valve?)
we also don’t really know how star vr did it, there is no tear down of a xtal or star vr one, it seems at least star vr is working much longer on this and if they see how pimax does it they might be like “been there, done that - does’nt work that way”
if pimax would be able to make a distortion free (dual?) lens they would do it, imho its just beyond there abilitys for now

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The good news is that Pimax makes their optics in house. I suggested an exchangeable lens design back before Kick starter. The HMD would be awesome if it had those XTAL optics, but the cost would be very high.

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why should xtal or star vr give there IP away (even for money)?
they worked a lot on the lens design and the ways how to deal with the problems (btw both firms use eye tracking in there hmd’s)
my hopes are not high that pimax will get even in optics and lenses with the other two wide fov hmd’s in short time, but they have experience, engineers, production lines and hopefully soon working software and support - vive pro did not blew anyone away and rift s is not that amazing but they can be bought and its affordable (htc starts leaving that area with its eye version), its to be seen if the other two can get over this hurdle, star vr one did not in its first try

also its not just the optics, the tracking is important too for a affordable vr solution, as good as lighthouse is working, its not a long term solution for home users and pimax is learning the hard way that its a problem to depend on someone else in that key part, so i guess they might have the most r&d in insight out camera tracking and controllers (good tracking is the challenge)

there are a number of challenges ahead for pimax and partnering with the xtal people might be the most smart move (or buying into valve lens tech)?

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Optic is only part of the solution, they reduce the vertical FOV, have sliding panel it’s a complete redesign of the headset pimax need to do, so this equate to more $$$. And your right about the lens’s cost.

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The point VRG was making is with removable optics the optics could be upgraded in future.


This will “never” be done on a commercial product optic must be seal to ensure cleanness vs warranty and also increase the price. The only way to have this is to ask Pimax to have a limited HDK version for those limited few peoples.

The problem is thinking that this is interesting for Pimax, it’s not… No cheap route to paradise! I spend my self more than 500$ just for testing new optic and to day still no real option

It already has. & no they don’t need to be sealed sealed. Pimax uses a thin line of stay sticky black adhesive. Sweviver demoed it 1 suction cup. & from the leaks we know m1 headsets had v5 optics that were later swapped by testers.

One of Acer’s headset has swapable optics as well as a couple of others.


r/SuspiciousQuotes :wink:

Sorry but I disagree on this point

1: lowering Warranty claims is a real problem for a manufacturer
2: Only a small amount of people would be interested in lens swapping
3: Acer OjO 500 has a detachable front not detachable optic

4: The lens are part of the design and price point chosen by the manufacturer. changing only the lens on the Pimax will not make it a XTAL headset.
5: Modding lens is certainly an interesting hobby but I don’t have any request to make to the manufacturers unless the make a HDK and SDK available to developers like the Razor

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Never said you could make a pimax headset an xtal or anything else. Lol

Simple truth with pimax lenses being removable improved lense can be designed & sold later. Including an Xtal type lens meaning a custom Aspherical lens. Not to be confused with using the lens from an Xtal headset.

Swappable lens discusion was well discussed here. Even by folks whom are thinking even on the commercial front for easy swaps when lenses are damaged. Something they complained about HTC design.

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In real life they will exchange the front module and send the defective unit to company, Simple truth is that removable parts are bad for failure rate of a product and even more for optic system

Well I disagree from my experiences. Products with removable parts allows longevity & upgradability. A part goes wrong swap it out, new better componet swap & upgrade.

Far too many products out there prove this point. Closed unupgradable priducts become scrap too easily forcing unneeded waste & replacement costs.


This was indeed the case but since then household products has been more affordable vs average salary and people learn to live with those reduce prices. It’s certainly not impossible technically to do up gradable designs but product life are so short that nobody will take the financial risk. Hence my point it’s no interested to Pimax to do so. Next year a completely new design will emerge with a new look, new form factor and so one. Like it or not longevity in not a determining factor for electronic product design. In 2 years all XTAL, STARVR, Pimax actual designs will be trashed…

And yet folks don’t generally buy AiO PCs. Truth Pimax’s design might have more upgradability than one might think. Just look at majority of current VR; minor upgrades same gen1 form factor. If that was true we wouldn’t still have gen1 vr form factors it’s been over 2 years. Only Pimax, starvr & Xtal strive to be different.

PCs are even a stronger case of design staying the same. After all look at BTX form factor?

Reducing vertical fov wouldn’t be such a big deal, considering that you would solve the screen door effect, and present the viewer with much higher resolution. I think it’s a good trade-off.

I’m definitely not naive enough to think this would be cheap for pimax, but it would be beneficial to work on lenses like those

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Indeed & fits the idea of modularity. Even if Niche some would likely pay $$$ for having the option of better lenses.

Much like Thrustmaster has a Steering wheel base for $400 - $600 Wheel, pedals & shifter sold seperate.