About pimax gpu catalyst setup 关于小派gpu催化剂的设置

About pimax gpu catalyst setup

I don’t know much about intelligent frame repair first, but the general meaning is that intelligent frame repair is to run the game with the lowest frame reduction (usually half of the maximum refresh rate) in a complex scene, and then on the basis of this frame repair, such as refresh rate of 90, in a complex scene, the lowest frame reduction is 45.Generally speaking, gpu catalysts are used together with intelligent complementary frames. Only when intelligent complementary frames are needed can gpu catalysts play a role

So how much is appropriate for gpu catalyst to be turned on?I tried a game and used FPSVR frame count software:

First, I set gpu catalyst 0. In complex scenes, the frame number dropped from 90 to 45 in an instant, and the average frame number also dropped to 55. The gpu occupancy rate was only 50%, and many graphics card resources were wasted.

Then, I set the gpu catalyst, high, such as setting up to 5, I found in complex scenes, no longer fall frames, is running 90 full frames, and the frame number is an average of 90, but the gpu occupancy rate, an average of more than 90%, and most importantly, the graphics often caton, as to why caton, may be the graphics occupancy rate is too high, and super resolution, sampling, may also be other reasons.

Therefore, I set gpu catalyst 2.5, and the number of frames dropped to 45, and the average frame number also decreased. However, the average frame number did not drop as fast as when the gpu catalyst was 0, but slowly, and finally reached the average frame number of 60!That’s 5 points more than when the gpu catalyst was zero!
Finally, I set the gpu catalyst 4.5, and the frame number of the result showed 90, and the average frame number no longer kept falling, but the value of 89 floating up and down, about 89, and the picture is no longer stuck, but I’m afraid to burn the graphics card…The graphics card is still running at a high load, 95% of them have appeared, and the temperature has soared to over 80 degrees (I plan to set the gpu catalyst to 4 next time).

When does a gpu catalyst work best?

  1. If the game runs into complex scenes, the graphics card occupancy rate is low, and the frame number is also very low, then the game optimization is poor, at this time the gpu catalyst has the best effect, which is what I said above.

  2. If the game runs in a complex scene, the graphics card occupancy rate is high, and the frame number is also very low. At this moment, the gpu catalyst improves the effect is also poor, because there are not many remaining graphics card resources available, the forced promotion will only cause the jam, and the frame number will not rise much

(you can also reduce the viewing Angle or pitoo picture quality, which reduces the graphics card occupancy, which also means that you can allocate more graphics card resources for the use of gpu catalyst functions, anyway, all kinds of robbing Peter to pay Paul…)

  1. As for running the game, when the graphics card occupies a high or low rate and the frame number is high, gpu catalyst is optional and useless

In addition, after setting up, you must restart the helmet, otherwise the setting will be invalid. I suggest that you directly click on the room Settings (not the real room Settings, but forcing the helmet to restart), then immediately turn off the room Settings and start steam vr

The game I tested, after repeated testing, the average frame number by 50 frames, directly increased by 30 frames, to 90 frames, full promotion, full refresh rate frame number to run, graphics card occupancy rate from about 50% to about 90%, and the picture is no longer stuck, also more fluid than the low frame number













另外,设置好之后,必须重启头盔,否则设置失效,我建议直接点击房间设置(不是真的房间设置,而是强制头盔重启),然后立刻关闭房间设置,启动steam vr

我测试的那个游戏,经过反复测试,平均帧数由50帧,直接提升了30帧,达到90帧,提升满了,满刷新率帧数运行, 显卡占用率由50%左右,提升到了90%左右,而且画面不再卡顿,也比低帧数时更流畅


I only half understood that


What I pulled out of it for 258 is to

increase catalyst value
then press “reboot HMD” (not reboot Services)

I’ve had terribly low FPS with 258 / catalyst = 0 , and terrible stuttering with 258 / catalyst > 0

Let’s see if that changes anything, but I cannot do that in a while yet. Maybe someone wants to try it?

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what does gpuc actually do? @SweViver this sounds like a video idea.

Please go in fepth. Digital Foundry Style.

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