About performance of Rtx 2080 TI(Some Test results)

My new Card arrived Today!!!
So Here:

21382376 = 5079888
1440 = 3686400
Look Like is enough to drive 5/8k,even some more SS…
If we have reprojection working…8kx will be good enough?

My 3dmark results:

Orange Room: https://www.3dmark.com/vrm/28937637
Cyan Room: https://www.3dmark.com/vrm/28937547
BLUE ROOM: https://www.3dmark.com/vrm/28937432

Blue Room with Some OC: https://www.3dmark.com/vrm/28937976

Custom 8kx:

SkyrimVR!!! With SS 500%!!!

Fallout4: right…this right

Even at 30fps with reprojection is still playable is fine i think!
Fallout4: 294%SS 2593*2881 = 7470433 & 2903 x 2557 = 7422971(just some…)

Arizona Sunshine:294%


厉害了👍 awesome~~~~~~~~


I believe that the performance you observe is reported for one 2560x1440 panel (for both eyes), but 5K+/8K needs two of them.


from SweVivers videos the 8K resolution in SteamVR 100% is 2903x2557 (which is 7 422 971 pixels) per eye.
Try to set resolution in SteamVR 292% 2584x2871 ( which is 7 418 664 pixels, closest to pimax) and post some results.

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those results is not Related SteamVR SS even not Related to SteamVR. Is reuqie exit SteamVR and test it.

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Benchmarks have already been provided.
You need to be the first one to benchmark games.
Start with FO4, Skyrim and the car ones. Whichever you have.
No one has done that yet I think?. You could be the first!

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updated… take a look…


Dude does that say what I think it says? That’s insane right?
What about normal SS? 2903 x 2557 I think is the res we normally test for.
Looks alright so far.

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Min 63 Avg 83 Max 95

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@200% it’s still way below my P4K?
I have x2 piplay IQR though…

Compare my 1080ti with your 2080ti.






In general, still do not see the point of changing the 1080ti to 2080ti …:slight_smile:


some result of my test feel weird…
I don’t have idea whats wrong of this.

Have you left your GPU at factory settings, or OC’d it? All the 1080 Ti numbers you’ll run into are running at 2GHz instead of stock speeds…

Man that difference is even less than I was expecting…and I was already expecting to be disappointed with the 2080TI bump.

I have OC a Little, stock boost frequency of 2080ti is around 1650MHz.
i push core frequency 85MHz up in software.

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Thank you for posting this :slight_smile:

If I’d spent nearly $2000 on an Asus Rog Strix 2080 TI (pre order price in UK) I’d want a refund for sure. If you look online at GN on YouTube, water cooling a 2080 TI, is largely pointless so sadly for VR, we are maxed out now at least until late 2019 early 2020 until AMD possibly respond using 7nm tech.

I’m also dissapointed the new NV Link is barely any better than SLI because the awesome features NV Link can do, isn’t enabled on gaming cards.

For high end VR headsets, I think we’re currently stuck waiting for better GPU performance that even the most positive of us like myself must now admit isn’t there and won’t be, realistically until 2020.

Nvidia seem to have grossly exaggerated how much more powerful RTX 2000 series s over Pascal GTX to get a bucket load of pre-order sales, but independent benchmarks tell a different story. The 1080 TI is now the value card in the range, and Nvidia raising the price from $700 To $1200 for this premium card generation reminds me of Apple and their new absurdly priced cell phone.

Nvidia website has the slogan “Graphics Reinvented”. Clearly, this is a lie. In the era of 4K/60 , dropping down to PS4 esque 1080p gaming at 30 fps, just to have Raytracing isn’t reinventing graphics whatsoever. I feel sorry for the young or impressionable older adults who spent all their money and can’t return their cards now on Newegg.

Lesson learned. Wait for independent benchmarks before buying and never pre order if money is an issue. If money isnt an issue, fantastic but from what I can see, 8K-X must now come with an option not to run 4K native x 2 only, or we’ll have 400 backers writing emotionally laced reviews of VR experienced at 18 fps, from the comfort of a psychiatric ward.


Yet there’s the Spanish report on another thread here which is reporting almost 90% improvement of FPS for 2080Ti for FO4VR over the 1080Ti.

Let’s see what the actual VR comparisons are.

i argee.
but i wont sell my card or some thing else .
i need most powerd silngle card at acceptable price to drive 8kx hmd As much as possible .



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