About Controlers

I know it’s a silly question, but I’ve never really tried any headset with the controls and I’m seeing some videos and I’m in doubt. Seeing some 8K videos, people sometimes appear using the wireless controls, and in others people appear using the wired (cable) controls. Could someone please explain it to me? Are there two options for the controls? If it is only wired (with cable), is it the same 5 meters long as the headset cable? thanks in advance.

A:The controller is wireless but it also can work with wired when the charger is low.(from KS)

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I can’t say for sure but with the headset having usb ports for modules & such you can likely use a port on the headset.

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I’ve seen a few mentions of “dongles” for their controllers, when Pimax have spoken about them. I specifically remember at a demo, they had forgotten to bring the dongles so the controllers had to be wired.

I imagine the dongle is a replacement for Vive ‘Link Box’ to have the controllers work via BT?

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The controllers will connect to the headset using bluetooth, in the Vive the linkbox does not talk to the controllers and it seemed like Pimax weren’t even considering having a link box until we said we wanted one.