About B1 with sn102xxx

The B1 units were supposed to ship to business clients. Usually, people can distinguish B1 and 4K by the box.

What Happened:
One of our major overseas distributors ordered B1 from us as requested by a business client, but we had run out of the box that designed specifically for B1. The business client requests the distributor to deliver the headset earlier and does not mind if we use the box for consumer version in B1. We produced B1 units in the 102xxx batch as requested and send to the distributor. However, part of B1 in the 102xxx batch, that supposed to send to business clients, were mixed up with the units for consumer channels as the packages look the same.

We do not have the incentive to sell B1 with the price for 4K, because the B1 display costs more than 4K display as there is only one source to get OLED. Also, the hardware of B1 is more expensive than 4K.

We have already contacted the distributor and requested the distributor to hold all the suspected units and channels. We are working with the distributor to review all the units in different warehouses to make sure there is no B1 in customer channel anymore.

For those who have received B1 instead of 4K
If you want to keep the unit, then keep it.
If you do not want to keep the B1, please contact support@pimaxvr.com. the Pimax team will support you directly as it is the most efficient way.

If the serial number is not 102xxx, it’s 100% Pimax 4K consumer edition.

We are very sorry about the accident. We have learnt the lesson that we should always distinguish B1 and 4K with different boxes to make sure the factory, distributors, and customers won’t get confused.

  • Gearbest and Amazon are authorized channels of Pimax VR, zozovr is not authorized.

Perfect, this is the way to handle it, glad Pimax is stepping up and taking measures to correct the problem, well done @anon23564932 !


Hello, please tell me the support for B1 will be identical to that for version 4k?
I mean the driver and piplay will be updated?

I’ve contacted support@pimaxvr.com,

Who should I sent my Pimax 4K with the SN 102XXX to in order to get a return?

I want the Pimax 4K not the Pimax BE.

Hi Generic

I have had a reply from Pimax, they have been very good about it and are going to exchange my B1 for a 4K and from what I can tell so far I am not going to be charged for returning the B1.

Big thumbs up Pimax

Just waiting for the return details

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I just emailed them again with this forum topic.

Their last email said they were still investigating.

I hope I can return my B1 too.

Ok i am almost sure i have a b1 with 2k screen…i could also keep it becouse the video quality is not bad, only little sde and no ghosting at all (that is why i was feeling strange while other were complaining for ghosting i didn’t see at all) but the problem is that i have high stutter and only 33 fps and also when 66 the feeling is bad…i read that b1 version should have screen at 75/150 hz, so it is possible that my pimax software/firmware is wrong?is there an update somewhere?

Just to be more clear as possible…i would keep it if the software can be improved and my stutter problem (which i don’t have with oculus rift) can be solved and also the fps can unlocked…if not i would prefer to change it (and problem with greyed options in piplay software) thanks

Understandable. What i would reccommend if your short on packaging if future an easy methodvto dinguish them use 4 round colored stickers (like ones teachers use) for easy visual que.


@anon23564932 regarding firmware update frequency; piplay app evolution and introduction of features will it be the same for both PIMAX BE / PIMAX 4K?

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Has anyone received any return information from pimax yet. I wish to exchange my sn102 for the sn100 unit. Sent an email but no response yet. I have no idea where to send this.

I’ve received nothing

I can answer on Piplay. Piplay is the interface program it gets info/features from the firmware.

So piplay serves both models & will also not likely have a seperate piplay for the 8k

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@anon23564932 There does need to be another distinction made on the Pimax HMD itself to tell if it is a Business Edition, even just a subscript BE or a small BE stamped on the side somewhere. Also, the BE model is no slouch and I would many non-business users would like to have one, like Gamers That Mean Business ;). I would lean into the marketing with it too.
Thanks for clearing things up. Keep up the good work!

So, another marketing method is to acknowledge the hardware development curve as you climb higher and higher. Think of it like and exotic car maker that constantly updates their cars, and they have “Limited Releases” of each upgrade to keep their production and sourcing manageable. You started with the original 4k. Now you have a Limited Release business model those who want can get, while selling the original 4k. You can step up to a Displayport version 4k LCD. Then a Displayport OLED as the premium Limited Release, then the 8k makes it’s splash with maybe a special version.
In fact I think what I am thinking of is not Exotic cars but rather what Nvidia and it’s manufacturers do with all the different models of their core GPU card models. This would seem to be a good route to upgrade and allow those who are ready to pay any premium for a higher grade model until prices drop for the masses in a later iteration. Sort of a clock-tick method of development milestones.


Hi guys,

If you received B1 helmet(Serial number: 102XXX) as well as little SDE( screen door effect) in Display and want to replace it, please kindly send complete order and consignee info to support@pimaxvr.com for our verification, then we will make an unified arrangement for you guys soon, really sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Order and Consignee info requirement:
E-vendor: (e.g. GearBest)
Order number:
Purchasing date:
Serial number: ( The label should be found on the helmet, please take a photo for us)
Full name:
Postal code:

Best regards,
Pimax Support

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I just sent an email a minute ago to support@pimaxvr.com. Please respond soon.


hit me up when you get the 4k version and i will give you the ED game setting configs :slight_smile:

Just received my PIMax today from Amazon, ordered just a few days ago, and it looks like I might have received one of the BE models as well.

SN starts with a #102, and there is a slightly noticeable SDE. Otherwise, it seems to run pretty well for what I was using it for (Elite Dangerous). There was some “drift” issues in Elite, kept having to use the recenter button.

Keep hearing good things about the 4K model, hopefully the screen is clearer with no SDE. Has anyone happened to take comparative pictures between the BE and the 4K model?

This link shoild give you an idea. Your BE should be similar to the e3. Also though keep in mind these are zoomed i think 8x.