Abnormal Tracking Status

Dear Community,

Some of you may be extremely confused over the myth of the recent shipping routes shown on courier‘s tracking reports, and you are not alone as we do too! Parcels hang around in various countries before eventually landing on the destination one.
We have noticed the frustrations from some members here and our logistic staff has consulted the courier on the matter.

The feedback is: Covid-19 pandemic has an overall impact on everything including shipping business. As oppose to the ‘normal’ days back then, now parcels have a longer delivery time. Due to temporary policy on restrictions or cancellations on flights (the situation varies from country to country), parcels may be expected to have the shipping routes changed even in the middle of shipping.

No worries if you encounter any of those ‘strange’ things during the special period of time.

Stay safe and VR in a bit~

Best Regards,
Your Pimax Team

En français - By @ludx