A Thought of a Clint to the Pimax Team

Goodmorning everyone
And some time I spend on this forum,
and I read and see changes made by owners of Pimax 5k and 8K,
concerning the headgear straps, modifications for IPD problems, modifications for those who use glasses.
Now I turn to the Pimax team.
I am an entrepreneur, and I see a huge loss of money that you are losing day by day.
All your customers due to lack of solutions I mentioned above buy or try to build (making horrible changes) accessories for your product.

  1. I may ask you if it is permissible how much time and resources come for example, ask your external foam supplier to make different thicknesses for your product.

  1. how much it costs you in time and resources to produce a simple plastic structure for those who use glasses.

There are companies and individuals that are organized quickly and intelligently to make changes that sell online.
changes you should sell yourself.
Take into account how many resources you are losing.
sorry for maccaronic English but I’m using goolgle
good morning to you all

Ps. satisfied customers are the prosperity of the company

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Awesome post! Formatted it for ease of reading. You have very valid points. While many of us are enthusiasts & will mod. It is important for the vast majority to have a good experience out of the box. Even if purchasing simple add ons to do so from pimax.

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@heliosurge Thanks for helping with the post.
It is not entirely a criticism of Pimax,
but it is a thought of mine that … how to say (it makes me angry)
the fact that the owners of the Pimax product must buy accessories from competitors (of other HMd manufacturers) to make the (magnificent product) that pimax has created comfortable.
it annoys me that the company could do so much more
for us customers and make us even happier.
I believe in new companies that have the spirit and ideas to start a story, and we need to support them and encourage them to do better and better.
This is my humble thought.

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Your welcome. Truth on both sides your right in terms of what your saying. And in truth I believe pimax knows it & wouldn’t take it as a negative criticism.

The same is true that folks shouldn’t consider being a small team an excuse but a reality. When a company is small it can be hard to assign priorities effectively. Especially when factoring in time constraints & possible fallouts.

If any part of the chain fails it affects timelines & resources.

If you focus on too many things nothing is achieve due to spreading resources too thin. The reverse also happens if you pour too many resources into one basket.

What were seeing imho is a mix of both situations. So important minor details like variety of Face foam thicknesses was left out & now the importance is in the light.

If QA issues & support issues were not so plentiful with a smooth launch. They would have been in a better position to back fill getting these things in place. Instead of having to try solve QA & support staffing.

Sure in hindsight it’s easy to say what could have/should have been done to better prepare. But looking back on things is a lot easier to see then looking ahead at the time.

All to often planning to far ahead things often change enough to derail even the best laid plans often have misses.

The truth we have big issues imho on both sides of the fence. Those whom zealously need to blame shortsightedness on issues & faults. And those whom see anything not positive as making false claims because of folks individual experiences being viewed as facts instead of opinions. Attacking with tools available from either side.

If we were to use a scale for colors & contrast:

  • LG RGB Oled
  • Samsung Qled
  • Oled RGBW
  • Pentile Oled
  • Pimax ClPl

You can easily add probably another 4 to 5 lines of lcd types below led for quality if color/contrast. Then remove ones from the upper list not currently used in VR & Pimax displays are up to the task with the limits that Lcd has.

Now just in terms of oled having infinite contrast (true whites & true blacks) will make colors pop more than lcd tech. But does have flaws of its own.