A thought about an enterprise Crystal

With the announcement of apple’s mixed reality headset at $3500. It got me thinking Pimax could take the displays meant to go into the 12 K with their 6K resolution, and just put that display into the crystal chassis with its exchangeable lens design, and have a retina level resolution headset that pay max could sell to enterprise customers. Just a thought.

I believe the 12k design has changed to now also have interchangable lenses, so it will likely have a high PPD lens option. How far they can push it will be a different story but if they managed like 50 PPD then it would be absolutely insane.

The 12 K screen is basically 6K it should be able to manage 50+ Pixels per degree very easily. Even if the 12 K had the options like the 8KX for field of view options together with lenses for variable pixel density, it would definitely be amazingly versatile.

I don’t even think they would need to worry about a Projector for 60 PPD. If they do make the 12 K capable of the exchangeable lenses, then definitely, the device will be worth the money.

I just think everybody would love access to those 6K panels if it meant higher resolutions.

50PPD, but really, at what FoV?

AFAIK we haven’t even seen the 42PPD glass lenses with the Crystal at this point. If ever. Rumors floating that they’ll be cut from being ‘included’ with the Crystal?

I’m all for high quality and high PPD, but if the cost is FoV that is potentially similar or lower than even the Index, I personally can’t see how enough consumers would be behind such a horse-blinder type experience.

Now, if they reworked the 12K to use this system in some way

for a complete horizontal FoV, then that really perks my interest and I think it would be a win for them.

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