A reminder: Please Don't Feed the Trolls!

For me, the Pimax Reddit got has gotten so toxic that I don’t bother hanging out there anymore and I’m sure that others feel the same way. However, as “distribution” day looms closer, I’m forced to consider the fact that if I want to continue promoting VR at every turn, then I’m going to need to return.

So I thought that I’d throw out a reminder to others, as well as to myself, do NOT feed the Trolls!!
Remember that a Troll will say anything to get you to respond: IGNORE them!!
And prepare yourself: there are a lot of them!

I would feel sorry for the first people to receive and post about their new toys if I wasn’t too busy being jealous!


I got an 8K coming to me by the end of the year… the hell I care what anyone who doesn’t have one says :wink:


This is bad advice, trolls are people too. We need to calmly explain to them why trolling is not right and make them feel accepted into the group.


With respect, your unorthodox approach won’t work at all. An Internet troll cannot be rehabilitated by being made to see reason. Their only aim is to cause division and conflict. Logic isn’t part of their mindset.

Our ethos shouldn’t be to embrace, but to banish trolls by swift detection, blocking and deletion of their account should they be a persistent offender.


The problem with this is when you create a label that’s designed like this, people will use it in place of an argument, or as a means to dismiss/ silence arguments they cannot deal with. And it is happening a lot on social media and not just with the word troll.

Top down authority driven answers to problems are ripe for abuse, so until there is a means to look into people to determine the sincerity of their arguments I could not trust any system for the labeling and banishment of trolls or Russian bots or whatever else.


Also a reminder that a troll is not somebody with strong opinions (…which you may or may not disagree with); On the contrary, such persons are the troll’s perfect easy mark.

The true trollfisher rarely has any real personal interest in the topic at hand, and will happily play either side - whichever hooks them the most upset; That is all their sick little minds are after.


I’ll just leave this here: Obese internet troll who bullied bodybuilders to make him feel better about his size loses 400lbs... after his victims offered to help him | Daily Mail Online


Lol, nice. Let’s direct trolls to the pre-order pages of Pimax and nothing else