A really cool article on specialized high frame rate software and hardware solutions


Don’t feel like reading it? I’ve got you covered. The article had some great screen captures of 480hz framerate monitors:

I know a lot of people might not “see” the difference. But like some things, it’s more felt than consciously observed.

These pictures get me excited about future displays. My favorite buzzword that really sticks with me is the concept of “hyper reality”.


If we had 180fps brainwarp working someday, it’d be perceived as just above that 4ms one.

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So what if, hypothetically, they used this trm method where every other frame is low res, also done with each eye alternating- all done with each eyes 1/90th frame left eye is alternating with the right eye at half phase?
Sorry I’m not a rocket scientist by the way lol but it sounds like it’s not crazy lol