A question for French people or someone who knows how to ship to France (address, street name confusion)

I’m getting a 8KX replacement due to black screen issue in 114Hz mode.
I was told I can’t get a shipping label but the support doesn’t know why.
@PimaxQuorra could you please check why I can’t get a shipping label, Ticket Nr. 12080

The address I was provided is:

Address: Ecosphere(Homebox les pennes) 645 Route de Calas RD 543, 13240 Septèmes-les-Vallons

I haven’t seen that “RD xxx additional street information” before (i googled it but examples of French addresses doesn’t seem to include that information).

This is the online form to create a label but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to put the"RD 543" after the street name

and the resulting label:

Anyone from France or Pimax, could you please confirm if that’s how you would send the package ?
Or should I just not include the “RD 543” ?
I don’t wanna send the package if the address isn’t formatted correctly since it ends with 2 numbers.



Will take a look at the ticket later when our support member is back to office.
And confirm why the return label couldn’t be create.



I am neither from Pimax, nor French :), but could the problem be in the fact that the form you fill is in German, so the final format corresponds to how Germans write their addresses, i.e. the house number after the street name?

Can you try to do it while using French form?

Just out of curiosity, what this RD 543 means? If it is not necessary, I would omit it.

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yes is does put the house number at the end because it’s german, but I can’t change the language (it allows to switch the main website to english but as soon as you start the label creation form it switches to german. The RD seems to an additional ID for the street but not every street has that tag. I couldn’t find info related to that tag when it comes to shipping things

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It seems “RD” stands for “route départementale” and I do not see any requirement about putting it in the postal address. Maybe @ludiks or @Korgen could help you.


Yes the RD is for the “Route Départementale” as @risa2000 mentionned it.
According the website of this homebox, there are no need to use it.
On google the adress is : 645 Route de Calas, 13170 Les Pennes-Mirabeau
If you dont put it dont worry it should be fine.


ah, thank you Ludiks :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s for the road number. Usually we never mention it in french adresses but if you write it anyway, it doesn’t matter.


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