A poem to Pimax

Oh Pimax, oh Pimax - we supported you through thick and thin.
Oh Pimax, oh Pimax - we thought you would do what you said on the tin,
But things have changed you keep putting coals on the fire, with your zero eye tracking making you look like a liar.
It won’t be long before you have a knock on the door, with an angry mob wanting that $100 voucher to spend on your store.

We gave you faith - we gave you our money, but this has turned so bad, it’s no longer funny.

We’re only human - we’re not a money tree,
So don’t expect support from us, for that Kickstarter 3.

This whole campaign has now turned to poo,
and all I ever wanted was that…
wide… field of viewwwww…



Here’s what they should have done

Offer to wait for rewards or get a fixed price coupon for the web store

Offer to wait for accessories or refund all undelivered items

Move onto aggressive marketing plan for the new product range

Case closed


Having it be coupons is a great idea, since Pimax seem married to the idea of running it through their store.

They promised a package with stretch goals in it.
All i have now, is a headmount and oh, i feel sh*t.
I had a dream, of playing and fun.
Now that dream is on the run.
I did pay the money, but they wanted more.
Only that hmd to be found at my door.
The coupon is somewhere, but what can i do?
Haven’t been able to get the clou.
Now i’m a Futurist, from the past.
We will see how long this will last.
I was fooled to believe, and for that i am sad.
My trust turned into being so mad.
They did it before and will do it again.
Seems like it all was their big…plan.
One for the money, two for the show.
Three for the X, and that was a blow.
Ain’t got the money, ain’t got the time…
Ain’t got the trust, no, you won’t get a Dime!


Why don’t y’all just follow the plan and simply upgrade??


So funny, so true, and twenty chars are due.


So to clarify you mean. Divide by the GCF.

  1. / Give up your streatch goals¿.

  2. / Give up more money¥.

  3. = {Give up hope +(Time^ X)}.

The unknown variable is the vector Pi ^ Backer reaction / 200° * confusion

Simply apply your specific situation into the formula and wait for the results.:face_with_monocle::thinking::crazy_face::exploding_head:

No riddle no rhyme its a matter of time!


As you see the stretch goals are in it. It just matters how you perceive them. Real or virtual.

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I just still can not figure out how many Bit coin this translates to?

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Yeah, time to get real for Pimax :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wish someone made a Youtube video on that topic :slight_smile:

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A navigator from old Shanghai,
promised the best view that a dime can buy.
He set sail toward the sight,
but try as he might,
his chart led astray, and now we’re stranded high and dry.


Autumn announcement
Men show convoluted plans
Thirteen hundred, gross.

I’m really not good at these sort of things. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, there’s something in trying :grin: