A head strap workaround w/o 3D printer for people having troubles

Edit : Added 2 photos to clarify the usage.
This is a sort of “straplet” that I did for the 5K+ back then.
It wasn’t totally necessary for the 5K+ and more like additional support for the weight, but for the 8K X, this is mandatory for my head shape.
I figured this could be the case for some people that paid a grand for it, so I decided to share in the hope that the workaround will save at least some people.
Basically this “straplet” should be placed around just above your neck, so it supports the headset from the bottom rear side of your head.
Bit of explanation on how-to after the photos.

These are basically what seems you call a “backpack chest strap”.
They are sold in places like Amazon, and I believe it costs only a couple of bucks.
It would be ideal if you could find ones with elastic straps and not the nylon ones, but those are very rare. There was one in my house but it wasn’t mine so after borrowing it for testing, I have just bought some elastic straps to replace the nylon ones. You need to do some simple sewing, but it took me maybe 20-30 min ish while watching youtube, so shouldn’t be that hard.
The difference between nylon and the elastic ones is that the buckle of the strap rests more snug to the curve of your head, as well as tightening it is fairly more comfortable.
Since the MAS doesn’t want to hold my head in the way I would like to, I now have it hold the upper part of my head and the straplet hold the lower side of my head, to spread the load if you will.
This means you can have the MAS less tight than you would without the straplet. For me, this resulted in less pressure on my upper cheek and cheekbones and I can wear them more comfortably for a longer period.
I won’t claim this as be-all and end-all of solutions, but now I can look down towards my toes and not have the HMD fall, and also can make sudden movements with my head with little to no wobble of the headset.
Hope this helps some people.


It’s amazing. I want to share it with others.

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Can we have a pic of you wearing it ?

So kind of like wearing a bike helmet?

I still think that filing down 2mm of the stopper on the hinge makes the most sense.


Added two images with it on a head dummy.

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