A few things I don't like about the G2 that the 8KX does better

Here are a few things I don’t like about the G2 which 8KX wins at:

  1. Windows MR layer is annoying. 8KX doesnt have one.

  2. Sometimes I load a game like HL: Alyx and get 45 fps. Upon restarting computer, it goes back go 90fps performance. The 8KX on the other hand has consistent performance.

  3. Your options for improving performance on the G2 are limited whereas on the 8KX there are features like smart smoothing, fixed foveated rendering, etc.


Can’t “second that” enough, unintrusive, minimal Pitool is a huge advantage of Pimax in my book. - really hope it stays that way, meaning PE will be optional, forever.


I just bought one and i’m sending it back.

_ First it is too small, smaller than my Quest 2 and i can’t set it up on my head correctly.

_ with glasses the FOV is < to the Quest 2 FOV.

_ the sweet spot is horizontal and too small again so most of the time you are in the blurry zone.

Screen is great and colors too.

Edit : i removed the gasket and all is fine without. You have the same fov than the Quest 2. Big gasket with glasses doesn’t work.


Lots of additional things the X has over a G2… (beyond steam tracking, very wide fov, user selectable refresh, colors, FOV, PP, FFR etc.)

Considerably higher refresh rate in scaled mode
Ability to mount powered host mode USB devices like hand tracking on the bottom
All MAS foams are replaceable with user selectable variants
Speaker jacks for using your own speakers
3 different speakers to choose from
2 facial cowlings to choose from, multiple face foams
Prospect of genuine improvements via firmware updates similar to 5K+
Universal game launcher (oculus, steamvr, wearvr, viveport) with separate configs via Pimax Experience
Future automatic cloud based game configuration via PE among many other advances
No reliance on Microsoft for future VR support


Then the image looks like a old rift,very bad sorry,and on the 8kx the image still blacks out on one eye in upscale mode.

They all sound still very bad(the DMAS i dont know yet),the hp sound is superior…

Most people did only got one…

To get good sound you need a splitter cable,so a another wire on your device.

This is a good part!


Try a field off view mod,you will be suprised!

Nope, the Output are Stereo wired.

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It’s a bit smaller than the Q2 even with the mod, close to the same.

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75hz is without smart smoothing?

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Yeah, it’s the native refresh rate.

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And there is no smart smoothing?

With all respect,but then you got very very different eyes,mine is very close to a valve index now…

You mean, nearly close to the Vive. XD

You can use smart smoothing if you wish. But it isn’t enabled unless you want it to be.

Out the box the 8KX will run @ 2x4k @ 75hz. You can also choose 2x2k approx @ 118hz in upscaled mode.

Or you could run either with smart smoothing enabled which would halve the required fps rates.


I’m using the HTC Deluxe Audio Strap (one jack) since the first day, and I’m waiting for VR EARS

A friend of mine received a G2 and one speaker is not working, he should just replace it (Amazon), but the headset is not available worldwide. The lack of audio jack is a real G2 flaw, If your audio headphones break after the warranty is over it could be a real pain

Well, but I don’t think it’s the point considering how much we spend on headsets. I always look at the accessories I can buy, I don’t care if they are included. Today there are more accessories for 8KX, although this may change in the future.



You forgot a few at least equally important points:

  • The 8kX has a better color. Blue vs black. Black isn’t even a real color
  • PIMAX has the word ‘MAX’ in it. HP doesn’t. It can’t get better than the maximum!
  • PIMAX has more letters than HP. Same for 8kX vs G2. Coincidence? No sir I don’t think so!

Sorry couldn’t resist :wink: I just don’t think any of those points you mentioned make a real difference.

But on a serious note: all you need is a better lens design and I’d buy it in a heartbeat! It’s really the current lens design that drives me away from Pimax. You guys came a long way, also with now for example PE. But without good lenses it just won’t work at least not for me.


Good point with lenses but HP also don’t have “edge to edge clarity” as one well know influencer claimed.
In my eyes HP lenses are great only in center ~ 25% of the image and with a combination of small FOV +tracking issues this headset is pretty overrated… My personal opinion.


Thats the reason i sold my pimax 8kx,to much eyestrain… its hard to get a good picture…so whats the benifit of the wider field off view? Better lenses is realy needed ,then maybe its a keeper.


Firmware update to possibly improve the product and add features, this can make a real difference tho.


I thought smart smoothing would have double the refresh rate and i should be able to get 150hz if the nativ frequency is 75hz.
If 75hz is the max smart smoothing it means something totaly different.

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