A few bugs i noticed

  1. Joystick on index controllers not scrolling menus

  2. In quick settings cannot click arrows and no value is ser, this is also a problem in the settings section

  3. When opening a dropdown clicking anywhere else should close it. There is currently no way to close it without selecting something.

  4. How do you set global defaults.?

  5. Eill we have the ability to import our own backdop?

im sure there are more but lets start with these.:wink:


Thanks for the report @drowhunter

the Index controllers Joystick and touchpad is not recognized by the Pimax Unity SDK (its never beenm as the SDK havent been updated since 2018 heh) and I need assistance to get this working. For now, scrolling is made by dragging anywhere in the UI, or using the scrollbars.

This sounds like something weird is going on. Should not suppose to happen anymore.
Could you please send me (or post here) the latest log file?
Located in:

This is a limitation of the current UI to be compatible with the laserpointer and hand tracking. Im still trying to understand why it doesnt take clicks outside the dropdown. Actually, it DOES, for instance if you click on “SteamVR” button (main menu), it will work, but not if you click outside the dropdown but inside the same scrollview. Its not really a big issue, but will for sure be fixed. I just need some more time to understand why that feature got broken when I re-designed the UI interaction.

Global defaults for HMD settings and global defaults for custom user settings will be added as an option. Meanwhile, try to remove the config file and a new default will be created:

Yes Im working on this. This is one of the reasons Im currently working on a file-explorer/browser feature, so you can simply import custom games - but also custom UI backdrops by selecting the file on your PC on any harddrive and folder.


Hmm that’s very unfortunate

By the way in your guides you should tell users to use this path


it will expand to the users appdata directory by itself

I will PM you the log

Maybe you can place an invisible background layer behind the ui that closes any drop downs when it is clicked? (haha I know nothing I’m just guessing)


Thanks for the log, wow thats a huge library of games hehe. Anyway, first thing I see in the log is that you get no connection with PiTool so no data can be retrieved or sent from/to PiTool. No wonder things are not running as they should…

  • Have you first installed the *71 version included in the RAR/ZIP? The VRExp does not work with the public versions of PiTool (yet) such as 263. As of now, to be able to use VRExp, you need to install the included PiTool version.

  • if you are running version *71, do you have any specific firewall setting that blocks connections or needs manual approval ?


yes i have installed the pitool from the zip

no special firewall

P.S. The eye tracking works( i got the popup to install eyetracking driver) with the version in the rar

I saw some errors in the log. I can try reinstalling pitool to see if it still happens, tonight

(EDIT) you have me wondering now. I think i remember last night soemthing strange

I had just finished the eye tracking calibration which started steam VR
but when I was done I closed it and then closed steamVR

I then closed Pitool and for some reason the Pimax Experience showed up after that.

I remember thinking That’s weird Pitool isn’t running it’s kid of cool that this PE shows regardless. Could that be why?

Is it possible to run Pimax home even if Pitool isn’t running?


Hmm I see, this could explain the issue. Yes PiTool needs to be running otherwise the connection between PiTool and PE will be lost.
Pitool automatically starts PE when SteamVR is shut down. It simply launches the application in hidden mode with -silent argument (no window). And once PE is running, if you quit PiTool (which you shouldn’t), PE will remain running in background nonetheless.

So yeah, would be great if you could (when you get some time, no hurry) try PE again while PiTool is running as well :slight_smile:



if thats the case, then theres a scenario where the two programs wont be running, but it appears as though everything is fine.

is there a way for PE to detect if Pitool isn’t running and run it .

I think this happened because there is an option to keep pitool running in the tray when closed.

i unchecked that because i didn’t want it running when i wasn’t using it.

normally would pitool also kill Home if pitool quits?