A CRT-based VR Headset? YES!

this guy is a legend if you ask me :smiley:


Hope he doesn’t use a Sony Trinitron tube. Lol

That is quite neat. @VRGIMP27 be interested in this!


First thought was, why CRT VR again.

However, this is actually a really great introduction to the wonderful world of hardware hacking. Step by step, covers what it actually takes to do the bit of reverse engineering required, and connect commodity converter hardware, leaving nothing out.

Bonus, at the end, the stereoscopic render included in the video can be viewed cross-eyed. So, you can actually see what the wearer is seeing - the 3D effect really is visible.


As children they told us “don’t sit too close to the tv, it’s unhealthy”. Is it a good idea to strap these directly in front of your eyes?
Besides that - looks cool!


Weight from any lead put in the glass, low resolution, and monochrome, would be bigger concerns for me. But of course this isn’t really a product.

At HacDC, someone donated some infrared illuminated ‘night vision’ goggle toys using the same camcorder tech (though they were essentially ineffective for a variety of reasons).

Unless the unit uses badly malfunctioning tube amplifiers somewhere, IIRC the dose should be no more than 0.5mR/hr from a full size CRT, so a single rad after perhaps a year of intense use. Besides, these CRTs were designed to be used for hours just like this.


Because they were big and heavy and it would hurt if they fell on you!

Though, technically, by the design above you are actually not staring directly into them, it goes through diagonal (mirror or prism) which most likely does not reflect/refract X-rays very well.


LOL it is cool. Have you heard of “the sword of Damocles”? It was one of the 1st HMD’s (from the late 60’s I believe.) The whole rig was ceiling mounted.

I think a cold field emission nano spindt display would be great for motion clarity and for very low persistence, though its true that it would be difficult. We almost had the flat panel equivalent of CRT back in 2008, but sadly it never came about.

Everyone worried about radiation, lol the guns are in a lead glass tube. No chance of radiation.


I hadn’t heard the name but may have seen a pic. But not sure.

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That looks bad A$$. Maybe Oculus should drop $2B on him and incorporate that design! Thanks for sharing…


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