A couple of questions re IPD adjsutments and website

Hello, I’m a little confused. I read a thread by a Pimax rep that said the latest beta release shouldn’t have been released. Do I want to wait for the official upcoming release from pimax, or d/l the .086 and firmware updates now.

Will the upcoming release have a newer version of the PE as well. Will it finally include more assistance with IPD adjustments.

Also, I used to be able to select the darker theme on this site, it seems to have disappeared of the little hamburger menu. Is it located somewhere else now?

Thanks for any assistance.

It was released in a weekly update, so should be “official”… :wink:

After installing PiTool You’ll need to install PE manually (it’s not part of the PiTool installer). And You should ignore any “update” notice for now as it’ll actually downgrade to an earlier version.


The firmware for the 8KX is a beta firmware too.

It seems the next version of PiTool is right around the corner so You could also just wait for that (maybe it includes the firmware too) as that would most likely mean You “only” needed to install PiTool (and the firmware that “follows”) and PE afterwards.

If you’re happy to wait until next week, the latest firmware, PiTool, and PE will be ‘officialised’, integrated, and released then:


Hmmm I still have the dark theme enabled. Try from this location:

  1. Click on your avatar on the top right to bring up a menu
  2. From the menu, click on your username in the top left to bring up a new menu
  3. Click Preferences at the bottom to load that page
  4. Click on Interface on the bottom left of the page options
  5. See if the theme is still available, it’s the first option on the Interface page:


Hope that helps. Good luck!

Thank You everyone for the info. Prolly wait till next week, since I’ve waited this long.

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