$949 8kX online link

As @PimaxUSA said to open a ticket to reserve the 8kX for $949 I did this . After sometime I just received this from support after a long time

Sorry for keeping you waiting so long.
It is available online. Thanks again for your sincere support and interest all the time.
Have you encountered any problems?
Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.
Have a nice day
Pimax Service Team

Anyone know the link?

As a backer, you have the option of Plan C. https://backer.pimaxvr.com/shop/product/backer-upgrade-plan-c-364. I ordered my 8KX via the backer ordering page under direction from support.

You have no idea what he talks about.

I believe it’s just another scenario where support has no idea about things going on and they don’t know how to reserve it for you. Promised site is still not online as I know. On your place I would send them YouTube video with time stamp where they point about reservation or forum screenshot if available.

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I was also directed to the backer upgrade site by support. Had them confirm several times that this would get me in line with the 500 reserved units that was talked about in the youtube video. I do not think there is any other way to order for $949 right now.


$849 is cheaper than $949 so not sure why the motivation to order from a page where it’s $100 more. Plan C out the door with tax and shipping was $909.00.

That plan is only for those who has swapped from 8k to 5k+. How about this motivation?

Basically we should take plan D:

Which cost 999 if you want to keep your eye tracking.

Im not really sure if this new offer will keep eyetracking discount. If not - pland D is definitely usable. But again, backer upgrade is not the thing they have promissed and ordering it this way is just wrong, through its indeed possible for reservation purposes.

The Pimax Now 949,- offer is the same as plan D without the Eye-tracking

Plan D is what I used and I had support confirm several times that this was the same as the offer that was presented at the youtube event. Should have been more clear from the beginning, but this is Pimax afterall…

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