9-2-21 Updated iRacing VR Guide for High End PCs & Pimax 8Kx

Hi All - I just created an updated, full-on guide to maximizing your Pimax 8Kx and others for iRacing glory. It took months of troubleshooting, experimentation and hair loss to put this together. Please click on the link to see it on the iRacing forums.


A question about iRacing since I see that you are very into the subject. As I do not have an active subscription, I cannot access the iRacing forum and I have not renewed it because when I wanted to use the promotional code that they sent me it had already expired for only a few days, that was at the beginning of June and the coupon was until the end of May (fine print), I was so angry that I have given myself a break in my favorite simulator.
Do you know of any code to reactivate the account that works now in September 2021?
The truth is that I would like to see your guide to get the most out of my 8KX with an RTX3090 and an i9 10900K (5.1Ghz in all cores) and all in a custom water loop.


Hey, sorry for the delay! The fresh season of iRacing has been taking up all my spare time, lol. I won’t lie!

Yes, in the next week or two I’ll post a reudated guide. With the newly released content ive continued to test and have some additions.

Anyway stay tuned.
Thanks! (Oh - RESUB AMIGO!!! iRacing is the best it’s ever been by FAR! It’s grown by leaps and bounds thanks to Covid! lol :joy:)

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