8kX Upscaled mode Vs 8k+

Hi everyone.

Now I own a 8kX I had time to test the upscaled mode (When I did my test of a 8kX a friend lend me his and I didnt try the upscaled mode) I want to point out that to me, the upscaled mode of the 8kX is kind of ugly, much jagged actually.
I had an 8k+ for long and was very happy with it and couldnt undertand why some people was saying it was bad but it was because they compared the native and upscaled mode on the 8kX.
But the 8k+ have a much better image that the 8kX upscaled even with higher settings of what I was using on my +, for example 1.5 Pitool rendering and 100% SteamSS, while on the + 1.5 was good with auto SteamSS.

I dont remember if the 8k+ has an hardware upscaler or if it’s software but the difference is huge, if it is software I dont know why it work that bad on the X.

Now I understand why every 8kX owner find it bad (the upscaled mode), that is because it is.
To me it is not a 8k+ mode, it is really a 8kX upscaled one and it is not as good as the “native 8k+”, at least for my early version of 8k+ (black housing).

I know you might say why use a upscaled mode on the 8kX since it is …well…an 8kX but in matter of performance it helps, except it doesnt really because the image quality is not the same as the 8k+.

While waiting for the 4000 RTX series I was planning to use the upscaled mode on my X but I am badly suprised how “not good” it is compared to the +.

Just wanted to render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, the 8k+ is a good headset :wink:

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Give it a try Native. Fholger’s FSR/NiS may help with games to gain fps.

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Yes, well since upscaled doesnt look as good as the 8k+ I use it native.
Didnt try Fholger mod yet…had to deal with that usb issue first ^^

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