8KX unable to connect V1 (V2?) basestations - working solution

Hi to all. I installed my new 8Kx with new Pitool …264. And problem was here. I cannot see Basestations V1 (no in Steam, no in Pitool, ther vere grey there, no tracking). With my 5K+ they are working problemless. So it was clear that the problem is in 8Kx. Why ? What i found in net in 8Kx is Bluetooth receiver and sometimes is not working (receiving) so good. So transmission basestation to PC via HMD is lost.
SOLUTION: Instalation of this

It is conecting basestations to PC through PC BT receiver. It is possible too check the status of basestations. All is working now . I think is there version for V2 BS too? I have V1 and they both are working.
Last: Congratulations to PIMAX! The Clarity a picture quality of 8Kx is amazing, FOV too, I dont see any distorsions. Use 69 mm IPD (have 64 normally) and -0,5 mm offset. I am using my reading glasses without problem, the picture is then very good.
Use 3080 EVGA GPU and it is really fast…And SDE ? I see it little bit (my glasses are magnifiging effect) but this is not the problem. Really well done 8KX (Hope my deluxe audio strap come early)

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Here is thread with these programs. Glad to hear you have it working!


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