8KX Snowing Issue & very slow after-sale support

I decided to create this topic here because I feel it is my only option to force Pimax to act and resolve my issue. I am KS backer #12XX, and I backed for 8KX Full package (+ other stuff) during Kickstarter.

I received my 8KX 29th July, but I had time to test it just for couple of minutes. I noticed snowing, but I was in big hurry to solve it at the moment.
Week later I finally found myself enough time to try my new headset, but I quickly found out that I have heavy snowing with my new 8KX, and no fix managed to solve it.

I have RTX 2080Ti SLI, the rest of the specs are also high-end. I tried both GPUs, all display ports, tried 3 different drivers (425.31 and 2 newest at that time), with SLI turned on & off. For USB I tried all possible USB ports on motherboard and powered USB Hub, nothing helped. I also tried different 2 & 3 meter extenders for DP (Club3D) and USB and reinstalled PiTool. BTW I have no issue with 5K Plus (V202).

After no success, 10th August I decided to contact Pimax in Sales Orders, since I got message that it is my point of contact for questions & tech support requests related to 8KX. Next day I received message that I have to submit a ticket to their technical support. So I created ticket with my snowing issue.

Later they asked me to upload video of snowing, and asked me to try new version of PiTool I installed it and first thing that I detected is message “DP signal is poor” followed by restart loop of hmd and detection of DP signal.

Week later they contacted me that they will apply for replacement cable for me, and I have been waiting ever since. I even asked for RMA of my headset, since there was no certainty that cable would solve my problem, but they just reassured me that cable would be sent out soon.

It took them about month to send me replacement cable, and I still didn’t receive it. They send it with the cheapest courier, that didn’t update its tracking info since beginning on track.4px.com

Just for comparison, I ordered package from Aliexpress, and I managed to receive it in less than month, but somehow Pimax (seller of The Most Expensive Headset for personal use) couldn’t solve my problem in more than 3 months?

I feel like it tells how ‘much’ Pimax really cares of their customers. I understand they have many orders to fulfill. After my order there were still many KS Backers, Upgrades & Pre-Orders, but I don’t think it is right thing to make customer wait untill they solve their demand.

Customers with hardware issues shouldn’t be on the end of the chain of priorities.

Link to video of snowing to Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13Z3bvjalacJdXL9DQxKqKCIkZB129Qb7?usp=sharing

PS: I also asked them if I would receive extended Warranty by the time I wait for replacement cable, since I can’t really use it. Because I fear I might wait year to receive mend to my problem that might not even solve my problem, and then they would say: “Sorry, your warranty has ended.”
But they didn’t answer my question.


Hopefully your replacement cable will arrive soon, but I assume that you tried completely disconnecting your current cable from the headset and reinstalling it? I also see that you tried some DP extenders but I assume that you also tried it with no extenders right?

I will tag pimax so that they are sure to see this post… @PimaxQuorra


Thanks for reply. Yes, first I tried everything with no extenders, and after I couldn’t solve snowing I bought DP & USB extenders. I also tried pushing, and completely disconnecting and reconnecting current cable. Unfortunately, nothing helped.



Please provide us the tracking number of the replacement cable via PM.
And did any of our technician diagnose the problem?


This is ridiculous!

It has been 50 days since they send me replacement cable, and no one could find out what is happening. Only answer that I get is they will get back to me. They said they will contact courier agent to investigate, I hope it takes another 2 months until hearing from courier agent.

I wonder if I will get cable before Christmas, probably not. Hopefully before RMA concludes.

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Well, I have waited for 7̶5̶ 110 days to uphold RMA, or to receive replacement cable, but they are pushing me around like 3rd class citizen.

The number of time I have read encouraging news in lines that they would report to the supervisor/head of support, and will urge them to resolve all these problem by today… it is getting quite tedious.

They told me they send accesories by some ‘no-name’ Chinese courier, by which they send me first replacement cable that was ‘lost’. But you can read on many accessories that they send by ‘FedEx, UPS, or DHL’. And I have seen many backer box packages from these couriers all around internet.

So it is not true that they send accessories by some ‘no-name’ Chinese courier, they just decided (FOR SOME REASON UKNOWN TO ME) that they will spare few bucks on me. They managed to send THOUSANDS of Backer Boxes by relatable(good for you Pimax and KS customers), but they can’t - or won’t resolve my issue in 4 months. Do they also ignore their internet orders because of Backer Boxes? I guess not, but they have no problem to send me to bottom of their priority list.

I wonder if I would have to wait for so long if I have bought replacement cable.

They won’t RMA my headset.

They won’t send me replacement cable.

They won’t send hand tracking module I paid while Kickstarter.

I was very hapy when I received my pair of 5K+ & 8K last year January, but by now I feel I have spend too much effort to receive something I paid for 3 years ago.

Correction: It is 110 days since I have created ticket

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The 'no-name‘ Chinese courier should be the 4PX, one of the commercial courier in China.

Could you please check the inbox, as we require some information from you, so that we are able to provide assistance to sort things out.


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Hello PimaxQuorra,

I couldn’t care less what is the name of the courier. The point is I am waiting for new cable for 110 days since ticket creation, you send other accessories and backer boxes by FedEx, UPS, or DHL, while you send me correction/amendment by china post.
I managed to receive dozen of orders from Asia (all of them in less than 33 days) while I am still waiting from Premium VR developer.

Secondly, it is quite sad that I already gave the ticket number with tracking info for replacement cable when you asked me to PM. Your last reply was 19 days ago, when you wrote:

Yes sir, we are now gathering the feedback and report to the head of support, will urge her to resolve all these problem by today.
And if the parcel was stucked at the airport, we will ask the logistic team to resend a new replacement cable.

This is the last time I heard from you, and you didn’t reply when 6 days later I asked if there are any news. This was 2 weeks ago.

I hope we manage to solve something this time, and maybe even bring it up for Christmas.

I have a similar problem, so I am asked to post a new post. How should I write a new post?

Could you please elaborate what’s your problem?

Do you have snowing issue with your new headset?
Or do you have unpleasant experience with Pimax support?

BTW, you can create new topic in Main category or any subcategory of community.openmr with upper right button “+ New Topic”.

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