8KX Shipping Confirmation (yet again)

I just got yet another email from Pimax requesting shipping address confirmation. I confirmed just a month ago, but I just did it again to make doubly sure there’s no unnecessary delay. You might want to check your spam folder, or just read the email I got (which is slightly incorrect, while I was a backer and I upgraded, I was not actually an 8KX backer):

Hi 8KX backer,

Please confirm your shipping address for 8KX(purchased at the kickstarter). The shipment will start soon.
In order to avoid the failure of delivery, sorry that the shipment would not go on until the address has been confirmed.

After this step, we will set about shipping.
Thank you for your understanding.

refer it:

Pimax Service Team


Still no email to me despite upgrading the day before you.

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Maybe you adress are correct

Maybe this is the problem.

I always check my spam folder. Every day. They haven’t send anything about my address.


Gotta check those SPAM emails :smile:


Also got the confirm mail, also did confirm it before like 2 or 3 weeks ago… Hope it goes out now soon.


Wow, wow wow… got the shipping email too. They say the 26th.

When was pimax day again? and when did they start accepting upgrade orders? It’s been so long i can’t remember?


when did you upgrade? what date does the order say?

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hmm… i just did it. and 1 sec later there was a mail in my inbox asking me to do it again… strange but a bit funny… and it’s not a month ago they did send me the eye tracker without any problem.


did it again just to make sure… and i did receive yet another mail asking me to do it… i better stop before i’m stuck in an eternal loop


I went to verified my info at the Pimax store page, it turned out that there was missing info for my shipment. I advise indeed to check out and verify your info.


What ever happened to that backer page where you can see everything that is owed to you since sep 2017

i thought that was the reason their forums were down for 2 weeks

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Indeed I think my original address converted Sweden to Switzerland…I Guess not only the US mistakes us for the chocolate/clock factory :grin:


Mmmm chocloate clocks…

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I also got two confirmation e-mails to check if my address is correct on pimaxvr.com

I have an order for 8kx and the eye tracking, but not sure if they send both things together, but i guess i find out :wink:

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the link for the Receive order table is here

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I have to sign up, I didn’t think it included those who chose to upgrade.

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