8kx screens blinking on and off

I havent used headset in like 2 weeks. Kept getting 10500 error so headset wouldn’t be recognized. Went back to 272 from 274 and headset works but its blinking from image to no image in headset. I’m beside myself.

It worked fine 2 weeks ago. No loose cables.

R U using 90hz? if so try different driver.

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I am using 90hz . I ll try 75 thx

That fixed it!! Thank you! Now I have to figure out how to get 90hz back…lol

I’m not going to mess with it now. I have like 25 people coming tomorrow for x mas and quite a few want to vr while here which is why I was panicking. Thanks again for help

For me it was that 90hz works sometimes, but fails when the signal required Display Signal Compression, the compression seems to never work, hence why laptops mostly fail in providing 90hz and why some games gave no problems, while others blanked out - sometimes every second, sometimes every minute - sometimes every hour.

Pimax swore certain versions of PiTool and Nvidia drivers would work in combo, but in retrospect I think 90hz worked sporadically such that people would say “its fixed” when it wasn’t. The newer 8KXs seem to only allow 90hz and probably have a better DisplayPort interface. I think they realized 90hz was supposed to work theoretically, by specification, then figured out real-world was not possible fully. Keep in mind Pimax was pushing bandwidth of DisplayPort to the limit and the 90hz was sort of “experimental-turned-feature”. This maybe be inaccurate and is honestly mereley a hunch. I have no way to prove it. I would love if Pimax can confirm or deny my suspicions or if others could provide insight.

In any case, it makes me pray they use better cabling and interface on the 12K because if they are relying on Tobii transport “spotlight” they may be disappointed to realize as remarkable as that form of compression is - it is still lossy compreession that induces latency and may cause loss of signal, just as I suspect DSC did/does. We tweak our Pimax enough already, do we need to fiddle with a Tobii Transport on-off switch too? Pimax, please make sure we can do at least 90hz at full 6Kx2 RAW when we are tethered to PC. In my back-of-the-envelope calculations it would require 2x DP1.4 or a DP2.0 interface. Or otherwise we will be fighting bandwidth all day! At 2400 bucks we should expect nothing less. Again, I welcome insight, stronger calculation -even downright refutation- as to the thoughts above. Im not a CS major - I just dont want a gimped 12K pushed through as I realize DP2.0 is not yet a standard by any means.