8KX purchase options

I have a a KDMAS I received in my backer kit for a 5k+ and I am likely to upgrade to the 8kx or 5k super.
Can I use my KDMAS on either unit?
If so can I order the HMD without a headstrap?
I dont see why the SMAS is more expensive than the KDMAS, also its not in stock…
I will only need the HMD.
I am running an AMD R7 5800X RX6800XT combo built to run MSFS2020/DCS which it does nicely.
Pimax seems to be Nvidia centric which was not known to me at the time, to the degree even the support staff told me I should upgrade to an RTX 3080 despite me telling them I just bought the RX6800XT.
I hope Pimax supports AMD to the same degree they do Nvidia. The 8KX will only do 90hz for Nvidia cards, also disappointing. Is this likely to change in the near future?
Should I only consider the 5K super instead?

Many thanks


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Yes you can use the kdmas on all pimax headsets including 8kX and 5kSuper.

Not sure on purchase options @PiSupport.

As for 90hz only supportting Nvidia; you may want to look over this Topic


Now there are still things that both pimax and Amd need to work out. But there both getting there.


That is not correct. 90hz on AMD is easy. I am still playing with (figuring out) the best settings, and each AMD update makes things better, but WOW it IS working. Project Cars 2 at 90fps native is great.
Maybe I can help you set up (with my very limited experience).


8k X bundle with build on dmas and icluded sword sense controllers with lighhouse stations should cost 999$

That would be a good package .
Then a great linus tech tips review and pimax is back again at the top ( even on consumer lvl )

@ CEO make it happen !

Thanks Darrell thats great, I read only RTX 3000 series supported 90hz. If I get stuck I’ll reach out thanks for the offer.

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Thanks @Heliosurge appreciated

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Yes, it works on both models.

It’s a default option for the HMD, it comes with the SMAS. If you wish to get the HMD only. We suggest you to file a ticket at our support, and request it from them. But couldn’t promise this will work out.

You may some helps with @Darrell, he tried to achieve 90Hz with 6900XT.


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Hi Darrell, just curious how you got 90hz working on your 8KX, I received mine today.

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Hi Jinathan,
really nothing special, pitool= 90hz
just worked.
latest dios, AMD drivers, pitool,
if you need.i can list them (when i get home).
beatsaber will pp no problem.

i am still working in getting project cars 2 working will.
need to lower settings to get it up to 90.

ss has a problem. seams like the recreation frame is nit in the same place as the original frame.

if drops below 90 i get this not alined issues.
so start if race (16 cars) not good. when.just one car (me) good.

i am not discribing that well.

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Could this be related:


It’s good enough. Have you tried reducing the FOV? My system is a bit underpowered for an 8KX, so I’ve been using Small FOV for demanding titles, like Elite Dangerous and MS Flight Simulator 2020. It’s a trade off, but I’d rather get higher graphics settings and a faster framerate.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a better graphics card sometime later this year.

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Have you tried reducing the FOV?

Yes. tried all.there is a better discriptuon ob one it the other theads.
and yes good enough, for now. but there is some realy good improvens , just close.
i mean, i can see thus is a bug/ driver thing and can imagine the improvements when fixed



I’ve actually seen the “double vision” issue myself, but only when the frame rate was very low. I’m wondering if there is some sort of issue with your system. Is it possible that it’s overheating, so it’s thermal throttling?

Try running some non-VR benchmarks, to verify there’s nothing wrong with your setup. Here are 2 good ones, the first will offer helpful suggestions if something is not performing as expected. The second has a free demo version, so you don’t need to pay for it.



thanks for the idea. this is an older one.


i look at temperature a lit. no issue.

cpu under water.
gpu ~80 looking for a water block for it

ill run another, in a bit.


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