8KX PiMax-OpenXR for MSFS 2020 - A must have!

Hope it works as great for you as it did me.


Thanks for the new thread Frank! I was waiting for some more testing before starting one of, but it looks like a few people tried by now and it’s ready to be announced to the world :slight_smile:

For clarifications:

  • It should not be only for the 8KX. I think it should work with any Pimax headset.
  • It also works with a handful of other applications as listed on the GitHub page.

Looking forward to hearing some more feedback. So far I’ve heard:

Tested it in Large and Normal FOV for an hour in different aircraft and helicopters MSFS 2020. Location was in the downtown Chicago area. I did see some culling on the Right side in Normal View on a couple of turns but I was looking for it. Nothing in the Large FOV. I gained a average 10 FPS more so I’ll be cranking up some settings now. Best I’ve ever had. I’m just amazed with the wide FOV and cant go back.

I can confirm it works with MSFS2020 it made it playable - Really enjoy it now

First test [in DCS]… holy cow. It’s feeling smooth and glad to say Pimax ‘smart smoothing’ is working


This is incredible my whole schedule just changed!
@mbucchia Mbucchia, did you get a new Pimax or are you still waiting for a test HMD from Pimax? I couldnt recall if you commited or not…but they were happy to list you and captlucky as a collaborators in the Crystal presentation… Or at least the OpenXRToolkit logo… in any case, I would imagine Pimax could incorporate this into their next gen - or build on it? All this discussion of OpenXR with the next one being a “topic” as lof late.

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Yes I received my 8KX on Tuesday, compliments of Pimax. I wrote 90% of this OpenXR runtime code last weekend before receiving it :wink: but it would have been impossible to finish the last 10% without it.

I don’t know if Pimax will use any of this. To be honest, looking at their PVR SDK and how close it is to OpenXR, I think I can guess that they have been going in the OpenXR way for a while now. Not sure why they haven’t done an interop runtime like the one I published today.

My runtime is certainly far from compliant, which is likely where Pimax will be spending the majority of their time when releasing their own runtime. Being able to run MSFS and DCS isn’t good enough for a vendor to claim compatibility. They still have to do the hard part of the compliance. I’m only doing the easy part here of pushing out a “sneak peak” of what OpenXR on Pimax could be.


Note: in Flight Sim 2020, there’s a bug sometimes when you enter VR before loading a flight (ie in the main menu) where the image in the headset freezes right at the end of the loading screen. Simply leave and re-enter VR with Ctrl-Tab to unfreeze it!

After Two days of testing, I believe Pimax-OpenXR runtime is working great. This does not include PiTool settings and OpenXR Toolkit version 1.1.0 The biggest gain was in FPS average 8-10 frames increase. I can’t run OBS studio recording, CTD which ran great using SteamVR capturing the MSFS Flight Sím. So, IMHO having tested Pimax-OpenXR it was successful. Returning back to SteamVR and OpenXR Toolkit version 1.1.3

Thanks for the feedback. You got me intrigued. Is that the OBS thing?

I can probably make that work.

Yes mainly, I’m using Game Capture and/or OpenVR input plugin. When I go back to SteamVR it runs great. Have no idea what’s causing it. I also find your Toolkit Ver 1.1.3 better. I would go back to using Pimax-OpenXR if OBS worked with it and of course the culling problem which you’ll be working on. It also drives me crazy when I go out of VR and see my last view. Would be nice if something was added to show that I’m out of VR in the headset. Pitools Screen saver has never worked right.


It’s normal for OBS to not work right now, it tries to connect to SteamVR which you have abandoned when using Pimax-OpenXR.

OBS sounds like something I should support in OpenXR Toolkit so that all other users (non-Pimax) can also take advantage of it. I’ll put it on our TODO.

Of course making newer OpenXR Toolkit work is a priority too. The culling… I don’t know what else we can do. Out of the 3 requests here, it’s the one the most likely to not be addressable. But I will surely look.

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Ah Super Sir, Didn’t know that about OBS. I’ll Uninstall it and delete any remaining files and reinstall. Should I remove OpenVR input plug in also? I’ll see what happens and return to Pimax-OpenXR then, as it sure was smoother. Culling I understand think they are trying to fix that in 2023. Hope I’ll have my 12K by then. You have been a God for us Pimax owners. Thanx. JUST LOVE THAT FOV :heart:

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I don’t think you need to uninstall anything. Just need to know that OBS plugin will only work when going through SteamVR.

For OBS support, I think I will fork the plugin into a new one, all the same but it will integrate with Open Toolkit to get the stream.

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have shared my impressions in FS Forum (gentlestcurve)
With thread optimization via lasso I was able to improve the FPS a little bit.

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Got it working and works good now with PiMax-OpenXR. Did a uninstall/install. Thanx :pray:

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The OBS stuff? I’m not sure how thats possible. That’s very strange.

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I really wouldn’t spend my time on it as it’s very easy to use and works great now! Now IMHO your top priority should be getting the Wide Field of View hack back in the Toolkit using the new runtime or getting Parallel Project working again or both. It’s so smooth and clear now. It would be such a great asset to PiMax Wide Field of view community.

with PP on will kill your FPS again :wink: thats the nature with 30% more rendered pix.

I agree, but I’ve gain so much FPS with PiMax-OpenXR runtime. Just worth a try.

beg to differ i did recent testing and suffered zero fps loss in MS 2020 with PP on your mileage may vary but im confident it wont


High resolution and did you also edit the ini so that the number of rendered pixels is not clipped?


What’s this>? an rendered pixel clip? which .ini? is that in regards to OBS? or something else? Personally I didn’t see any change in FPS with the PimaxOpenXR runtime in place of the SteamVR, but I’m heavily GPU dependent, so that’s not a surprise at all as this shouldn’t help rendering much at all. I did however clearly see a latency drop in Luke Ross’s mods from 110ms to just under 100. This was in many different scenes on both RDR2 and Cyberpunk 2077. Things are really looking up between OpenXR improvements, the release of the reality series, and eventually actual support for WideFOV in FS2020. Still mad at Asobo for kicking that til next year.