8kx, just got my fiber optics cable and it doesn't work

Read some of the other posts for some ideas and nothing. The cable that came with the 8kx works fine. Very frustrating. Waited for 2 months and it doesn’t work. I’m really trying to have faith in you Pimax.

I tried different ports for USB and DP. PC reboot. Went back through and made sure everything is nice and snug. When I run diagnostics everything is good except for DP not plugged in. I run an Asus Strix 3090. Like I mentioned it works fine with the cable it came with.

Any ideas while I wait for Pimax support?

Thank you all


Could you please provide the ticket # and I’ll check with the support.

Did the fiber optic cable work fine before?

I saw negative reviews also, but to calm you down, it is not generaly bad cable. I have also optic cable and it is working on my pc. I have some occasional issues (blackouts 1sec on 90Hz only), but I am using it.

At the time when my new cable came (and old was snowing and blackout-ing as hell), I also bought my new gpu 3090, and stronger psu (850w). It was hard to detect what is that occasional blackout on my system, as all 3 items were new. Also, that is not more then 1-2 times per hour, so no biggy.

PS: Cable is from Amazon, with 2+3years warranty :wink:

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The cable that came with the 8k worked fine, it was after I replaced it.

Well I have an update. After hitting the pwr button on the HMD and turning it back on the Pi tool finally saw it but the HMD was very laggy in steam. I exited out of everything and had to do the same thing by powering off/on the HMD about 4-5 times and the Pi tool finally saw it and it worked fine.

Now today its started all over again. The HMD was finally noticed by the Pi tool but it was laggy but this time after exiting all the apps the Pi tool is NOT seeing the HMD.

This is crazy.

I tried using the old cable and I’m now having the same issue as above.

Pimax support helped out. It seems to be working now. They had me put the HMD into DFU mode and do a firmware update. After that completed it said the number stayed the same but the Pi Tool recognized the HMD.

I do have another issue now and when I close the Pi Tool my screen goes black. I had to restart my PC. At least now I can use the headset.


Whenever you close the Pitool, the headset will automatically disconnect.

If you wish the headset to stay connected, please minimize the application only.

Nice to hear that.

If you are talking about your VR screens, that is exactly what should be. Just turn on pitool again If you want to play more, and turn it off after playing. That is what I do.

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No its the monitor that blacks out. I have to actually hold the pwr button on the Pimax to turn it off and a few seconds later that monitor will come back. Working with Pimax support again so hopefully

I got the impression from what i’ve read online that the fiber optic cable is reliable, they should ship the 8kx with it really. I hope the 12K comes with a fiber optic cable from the start.

Well, i have been using my pimax 8kx on the original cable fir a few months. Everything was great. I had bought the fiber optic cable when i got the bundle deal. … now to the meat of it. Never has the fiber cable worked 100%. I have used powered usb 3hubs, y combiner cables( best luck with that so far) and also bee sent a 2nd replacement cable as tech sup said it maybe faulty. Pitools always sees the hmd but it simply cant display 8k worth of images stable enough to use. I bet others have had the same problems eg. Left eye is snow right eye is clear. Both eyes clear but flashes then blacks out … botheyes clear but then left or right goes black. No matter 90hz 75hz or 60hz, or upscale. Its not a power problem as far as i can tell based on the 4amps i have availible on the usb3 hub. I think the output simply isnt strong enough from my rtx 3080 to go 6meters … i have toyed with the idea of an displayport booster… anyone tried that?
Pimax needs to back to the drawing board on the cable.

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Actually, @HuDz just had the same/similar issue and used the Lindy 38415 repeater with a 2m extension cable and the optical 6m and it’s stable (and wasn’t without the extension cable and repeater).

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ok then… i have a displayport booster on the way in a few days. ill update you all soon as i see what happens next… FYI so far fiber cable 100.00 ish , extension cable 15.00 , booster 70.00 … its getting expensive for a hmd i wont have at years end due to 12K QLED

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That’s a bummer, I’ve used the 6m cable for over a year with no issues. used it with a 2080S and now on my 3080ti…

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