8KX - Is the all in one cable seated correctly?

The cable seems like it should go through the plastic groove but there is a thicker section on the all in one cable blocking it from going in.

Is this correctly fitted as designed or did the cable slip out?

There is interference between the audio cable and the all in one that coils around the left swivel.

I noticed the cable was not connected to the groove at the rear clasp in the packaging.

I don’t want to fray the cable so any confirmation on how it should look like would be greatly appreciated.

I have a feeling the cable needs to be loosened for it to fit into the plastic groove to avoid interference with the 3.5mm audio jack cable.

I took the cable out, loosened it a bit a fitted it to the grooves as illustrated below

Hello, I asked our structural engineer, Figure 2 your installation method is very correct, this thick part is in contact with the card slot, so that it does not slide, play a fixed role.

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I changed it, since it was developing kink in the cable which maybe could develope this snow effect.

@Akuma540 I noticed the cable pops out of the groove under the hinge after putting the HMD on and off several times, the cable would be more prone to flex and fail internally due to fatigue that might be why.

As for your solution I think it would expose the connector to stress sideways when tugged which could damage it and that is harder to replace than a cable.

But I don’t know this is just speculation.

@sunny for me its staying inside he last cable holder which it would be anyway so it doesnt bend more than it would normally do.

Fair enough, I do notice a kink in the cable the day I unpackaged it right near the cylindrical bushing or whatever that part is called.

thats what I had on the curve and when I moved I saw it bend a little, so I choose to change it. It looks like its ok from Engineersside but I wanted it to look more safe :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll keep an eye on it and see how it fairs, it’s just the cable sleeve folding a bit from the friction fit I doubt it will cause any issues unless something in the mechanism causes the cable to pinch.

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