8KX First Impressions and Germany Videos

So I can already say that the 2080Ti is too slow for the 8KX.

only a scale of 0.419999 … is reached in steamvrconfig.

That is far too little.

I hope it gets better with the 3090.

the picture looks bad with a bad graphics card.
so i recommend a fast graphics card. a 3090 or faster.
with a 1080ti you don’t need to try it. it looks like s…t.

even a 2080ti is much too slow.

there are games that go well and there are games that go bad.

it is also often a matter of attitude of SteamVR and Pitool. both play a really important role.

steamVR drastically reduces the resolution if the graphics card is too slow. you have to know that.

The Vive Delux Audio headband does not fit.
the plug is different.
the sound is not stereo with the Vive headband. it could be that you damage the audio input if you try anyway.

The quality of the housing is really much better than the old one.

The case appears to be thicker.
It is processed better.

The face pad is too thin.
Unfortunately I only got one.

It has to be thicker to make it look good. The distance has to be right.

Otherwise the experience is not good. It is really important.

I am very positively surprised.
the 8KX are really very good VR glasses.

If the graphics card can, then the picture looks great.

I also service my 3090.

Setz dein SS doch einfach runter. 2400 - 2700 Pixel Vertical reichen für die X auch, und dafür passt die 2080ti locker. Wichtig, vergiss Steam Automatic, das kann mit wide FOV ehh nicht um. Nur manual SS.

Das Vive DAS passt, der Stecker muss in die linke Buchse, die ist Stereo belegt.

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the plug was in the left socket.

How do you mean the resolution? Have tried a lot.
Can you give an exact example?

Contractors is doing very badly.

if you look from the back, the left socket are stereo, the right have only a crossed single channel.

for the resolution, go in Steam VR, Settings, activate manual Supersampling and reduce it.

For contractor, I don’t know if it use parallel projection.
If not, deactivate it. +30% performance.

For me, in DCS, the 8kX performs 25-30% better then the Reverb G1
(68 FPS vs. 42, same situation)

I’ve tried different things. When I reduce the resolution, the 8kx looks muddy.

If I turn up the resolution, the graphics card is too weak. But the picture looks great.

Hm … I’m looking forward to the RTX 3090, I hope it comes soon.

The 3090 gives you 30-40% more Performance.

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