8KX Extension cable (2m) discussion

Hey guys!
Finally we got the 2m extension cable which we ordered before CES. It arrived too late for CES but at least its here now. I will unpack the stuff (headsets etc) after the dinner and will try the cable both with laptop and desktop PC.

Stay tuned!

The cable is available here btw:


Ohhh my god!! Now I can’t got to sleep… I need to know if it works!!


keeps fingers crossed and hopes for the best :smile:


Progress so far:

I had only been able to test the extension cable with my laptop + MiniDP-DP adapter (the adapter works good with 8KX without extension).

Using the 2m extension:

  • In DSC (Native) mode: Not working
  • in Upscale mode: Works as normal

I am not sure if the MiniDP-DP adapter might be the problem here, but it doesnt look good anyway. Getting an error 10936 in PiTool saying DisplayPort is not connected.

I somehow believe the cable does not support DSC mode. This cable is only confirmed to work with HP Reverb and I dont know if HP Reverb uses any DSC mode at all?

I will check tomorrow using the desktop PC with RTX2080Ti.

I will also order another 2m extension cable from Amazon that supports hbr2 and hbr3 DSC.


I will order this cable now:


Thank you for continuing to investigate this feature for us, it is very much appreciated.


At least that it works in upscale mode is already good news I think.


Could you revisit your old 5 extension cable and try it with the new 8kX cable and finalised unit ? I n upscaler mode :+1:


I didn’t bring the 5m cable, but will do once Im home. Or maybe we can find a 5m cable here the upcoming days.

Sure, i think extensions are important so I will keep digging until I find a way :slight_smile:
The new cable is ordered now, will arrive in 2 days and if it works we will demo it on the roadshow as well.
Will keep u posted!


I know this is off topic but I seen you tried the Yawvr at CES and plan on getting one. I have one and also have an 8k+ and 8kX on order. I want to use them with the Yawvr like they did at CES.

Do you know if they had motion cancellation working and were they using it through pitool? If you could let the devs know we need more options for motion cancellation in pitool it would be much appreciated. We need the ability to offset the tracking puck or controller. Thanks!!
@PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA


Thanks for investigating this!


i like this too know as well @SweViver

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Working solution to extend Valve Index 50 feet

Since this is fiber we are talking about here, you want to attach the fiber cable to the cable coupler mounted up under the ceiling in the center of the room, attach the copper cable to the coupler. Then attach a retractable ceiling pulley to the center of your copper cable. This will give you a 269 square foot / 25 square meter play room and no wear in the fiber cable.

Passive DisplayPort cable coupler

USB 3.0 Active Cable:

Retractable Ceiling Pulley


There are no decent cable couplers about , at least non that I found for reverb
cablematters one failed
Maybe active one could work or signal booster type

to give my opinion:

Best price/quality cables are from SUPRA

If someone check their catalog… http://www.jenving.com/


The same manufacturer also makes a same spec cable in 3m as well!


So will the 8kX in upscaled mode work with the upcoming wireless module like the 8k+ does?

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I suppose, because of extension cable works with upscaled mode, then the amount of information across the DP is the same between 8K+ and 8Kx with upscale mode.

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It’s amazing!! And supports DSC!!


Yep, but I want to first know if it even works, then I will go for the 3m as well. Seems like I wasted 55 bucks on that first cable after all…