8KX BE (Theoritical)

Couldn’t they make an 8KX BE, this way the SDE and colours/black level will be on the same level as vive pro, and you will get the large FOV.

OLED or not you won’t run a 8KX anytime soon.

Samsung anti-SDE could be the tech to look at for at least the next 2 years.

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I’d like the 8kx to virtually be identical to the starvr one in features and form factor

5KBE SDE is better than Vive Pro. And black/colors in the same level. Actually 5KBE is superior to Vive Pro. But we want the level of 5K+ and 8K.

You tried it?

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I dunno, it seems less out of reach as we have progressed with the 5K and 8K. Clearly the 8K on one DP with a scaler is carrying some pretty heavy demands. Running one native “4K” worth of signal per DP seems within reach seeing how the current 5K+ has been performing on the 1080ti and 2080ti.

There should be no problem running the resolution of the 5k and then do up-scaling on the GPU rather than the headset so I don’t know why people keep saying the 8kx can’t be run. since the bandwidth is there in 2 x dp1.4 it’s all just a question of resolution and graphics level.

The trouble with oled is to find a 4k panel that is able to run at 90hz-ish, even pentile, and isn’t so big that only a small part is actually used. The only phone with 4k oled that i’m aware of is sony’s premium models. I don’t know what frequency they can be run at, they’re pretty big and I bet, not cheap.

Yes a full RGB stripe OLED Panel at 4K per eye should solve SDE but would be performance wise very costly compared to simply the 5K with anti-SDE filter that would have the same effect. I’m actually curious if simply making the 5K BE with anti-SDE filter (ala odyssey+) would be the best of all worlds. However, this presents a problem as just because you eliminate SDE doesn’t mean you make things sharper/clearer off in the distance like a true 8K headset would. Currently no hardware could run it without dialing down the steam vr and pitool significantly negating the visual increase you get anyway. The hardware simply doesn’t exist yet…BUT that’s because developers are not making use of the new tech in dx12 and vulcan and nvidia SDK like SMP/multires shading and foveated rendering all of which when put together would make a true 8K pimax headset feasible by next year if they can source such a panel.

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