8KX Backers PLAN G is Out and UP! Still No Info on How to send back Loaner Units

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If I missed anyone tag them.


No option to send back loaner unit. Please include this option if you mean what you say about Also Backers receiving the 8KX in order of whoever sends their order first.

Please Fix @PimaxUSA @SweViver @Matthew.Xu


There wouldnt be a send back option since its upgrade plan. The default is you send it back the loaner and recieve the 8KX

When you say it’s out of stock is it that the loaner unit that you home is lost? Difficult to be out of stock for a product your have and that other upgrade options giving the 8K+/8KX aren’t out of stock no?

Another Pimax discrepancy here ;-(

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From what I remember on the stream they didn’t say anything about a default selection. Either ways they should make this stuff clear.

Otherwise I will have to send in an email.

Also They said for Backers they will be sending in order of whoever sends their order first.


Id like to know if we can upgrade to delux version

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Plan G is out yes out of stock. :rage: Plan F too.:rage:
Extra shipping cost also on top. But the lighthouses must send too. Why then shippingcost. Put everthing in one box thats it. Brain we need Brain in Shanghai.

Shpping cost of 60 $ are too much to put this additional to the box of basestations.

Why do 8kX backers get an option to retain all stretch goals and 8k / 5k+ backers DO NOT?!?

Why the bad optics where it appears that 8k and 5k+ backers are getting ‘strong armed’ into accepting the stretch goals opt-out to pick ANY backer option?

Pimax, you are already struggling with getting ANY good press in the industry… why do you keep shooting yourselves in the foot?


@PimaxUSA @SweViver @pimaxvr
All these options are confusing. Imo, what we need is 1 form with edit and check boxes and clear pricing per option. Something like this (prices are examples only):

Select original Kickstarter pledge:
My pledge number is (id)
I pledged for:
5K (quantity)
8K (quantity)
8KX (quantity)
I want to upgrade to 8K+ (checkbox) +$999
I want to upgrade to 8KX (checkbox) +$1300
I want the deluxe on-ear headphones +$100
I pledged for an 8K, but opted for 5K+ (checkbox) -$100
I do not want my KS bonus items (checkbox) -$50
I do not want my eyetracker coupon (checkbox) -$100
I want an eyetracker (checkbox) +$150
I have an 8KX pledge and did not get a loaner HMD (checkbox)
I have an 8KX pledge and want to keep my 5K+ loaner (checkbox) +$200
I have an 8KX pledge and want to keep my 8K loaner (checkbox) +$300
(like many others, I only ordered a single base station)
Base stations, which I ordered and wish to convert to credit (quantity) - $75 each
Controllers, which I ordered and wish to convert to credit (quantity) - $75 each

Automatic backers discount: -$100
Taxes: +$$$$
Shipping: +$0
Total: $$$$

This would be clearer and the math could be easily double-checked and would allow backers to make clear, intelligent choices.


Not 100% I understand.

8kX backers on their backed headset are receiving the current finalized headset with Stretch goals.

Do you mean those who choose to purchase the loaner now vs those whom purchased the loaner prior?

Those who bought/backed an extra headset requiring no loaner of course get stretch goals for both. But of course the X backer on the 8kX receives complimentary pimax comfort kit.

At a guess those opting to purchase the loaner now are likely without stretch goals for the loaner.

@PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu

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Helio, At least 8kX backers are getting A option to keep all stretch goals! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This option provides to much information and is too easy. Please allow for confusion so PiMaxs limited team has more to deal with so they can feel like they are gaining a buck and everyone on both sides feels like they are getting crewed. :crazy_face:

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Do you really think they will send them a secondary MAS for their keeper headset?

The X has it standard its not a backer reward.

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Agreed they have over complicated things.

Simply should have been


  • Backer Deal -$200
  • Downgrade Credit -$100
  • Stretch Goal opt out -$150 (keep Eye tracking or Wireless discount)
  • Opt out Eyetracking -$50
  • Full Package Opt out -$300 (KS Price)
  • Xtra Controller opt Out -$100 (KS Price)
  • Xtra LH Opt out -$75 (KS Price)

Pre Order/Owner

  • Pre order/owner -$100
  • Controller LH Deposit -$300

Deal for either

  • Index Upgrade +$179
  • Add Index Controllers & LHes $479
  • MAS Deluxe upgrade $100 (req Base MAS)

Similar to @generic’s & @Hoodathunk’s idea.

Ala cart choose which options for discount.

@Matthew.Xu @PimaxVR

This would simplify things.

EDiT: Backer Discount should consider making permnament. -$100 for 5k+ & -$200 on 8k & 8kX (and future headsets) only on regular price not promos.




  • Pioneer(Backer) Discount -20% on Pimax Produced items
  • Pilgrim(Pre Order) Discount -10% on Pimax Produced Items

I only ordered 1 basestation. Wonder if i can add another? And the silicon sleeve? All sent together to save shipping?

But there is no backer deal.

True but remember some 8k backers complained 5k backers got a free upgrade to 5k+. :thinking::beers::wink::vulcan_salute::sparkles:


I’m honestly still confused about what the stretch goals particularly in the case of the 8k X contain and what not. Price difference between “keep all stretch goals” and “keep only eye tracking discount” is $250. If the deluxe audio strap upgrade isn’t part of the deal and neither a second MAS for the loaner then the math doesn’t seem to work for me. I don’t get why we have to pay $250 more for keeping the stretch goals while the other plans only contain a $50 discount for giving them up.
(Ok, in one case it’s backers having to pay and in the other it is Pimax having to offer a discount?)
Hope they explain what to expect.


@Heliosurge, I have also suggested an ‘a la carte’ methodology in another earlier post, but no response as of yet.


Yeah I noticed they lumped preorders & backers more or less: Save we have backer item trade offs. :beers::wink::vulcan_salute::sparkles: