8KX Backer Shipment Advisory

8KX Backer Shipment Advisory
July 10th, 2020

During the Pimax Now event we began shipping the 8KX headsets to X backers and completed shipment of the first batch and began shipment of the 2nd batch as discussed after July 6th.

Some of these shipments have required more time to arrive at the destination than expected so we consulted with our shipping partner (Federal Express) who advised for faster shipments we must provide additional customs documentation.

As a result, we briefly stopped shipments of the 2nd batch to resolve the shipment documentation issues. FedEx notified us we should have these problems resolved and achieve much more efficient shipping this weekend so we can resume batch #2 on Monday.

Here are some photos of the large stocks of 8KX inventory waiting for shipments that should resume Monday. Further we expect to complete all deliveries of batch #2 to FedEx by Friday of next week.

So that covers shipment updates for the first 2 batches. Meanwhile our plants have been very busy producing an even larger batch #3. We expect batch #3 to begin shipping approximately July 21st and the entire batch delivered to the end of the month.

We continue to expect all X backers and some upgrades to be shipped this month. Keep in mind the 8KX shipments are in addition to our normal daily shipments which include previous headsets, accessories, base stations, Index Controllers, RMA’s and more that must be organized, packaged and shipped by our logistics team.

Here are some photos of the packaged inventory ready to depart located at two of our warehouses.


Thank you,
Your Pimax Team.