8KX backer, just got the survey email... why?

I just got the survey email:
We are about to ship your Pimax Kickstarter reward!

but I’m a 8kX backer and I understand that’s still months away. Why did I get the email? The survey let me change the pledge but I would like to keep it the way it is, WITH the condition of a 5K+ loaner.

Is the loaner still offered? did all the 8KX backers receive the survey?

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yes, this is about the loaner

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I’m sure that it’s the loaner they are emailing you about based on other people’s experience so far. The survey changed and others are understandably confused by the poor wording too. :roll_eyes:

The loaner is still offered but probably worth contacting pimax to confirm choice in light of the survey being crap.

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Thanks a lot for your replies.
I created a thing in the feedback.pimax.com
i looked like a mad man for the support desk. I even searched it on their site… somehow feedback didn’t feel AT ALL the place to ask about clarifying this.

I am also 8KX backer; backer #5,600. I’ve received the email survey for delivery.

Question 4. Which model you picked during Kickstarter?

So I select 8KX.

Now question 5. Now you have a second chance to make a choice. Which model you pick?

What does this even mean? For the loaner unit or to completely switch our 8KX pledge?

They really need to work on their communication.


You mean http://feedback.pimaxvr.com

Backer #344X for 5K+ since KS.
Just got my survey now… They really ramp up things!

Or are they too optimistic???

Well that made my day anyway!


No. 2983, the survey was also just received and chose 8K in the end, I did it :boom::slightly_smiling_face::sparkles::gift::ok_hand:

In the survey I met a question about updating the address. But I refused, after checking the address on Kickstarter, is everything correct? (the address on the kickstarter is in perfect order)

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Well… I just got a second email with a second survey! This time I chose to change my pledge to 5K+ but I DON’T want to change my pledge…
On top of that I see now that in the email it’s specified that I need to go to “technical support” not kickstarter, which to me is weird. as I need to put a pitool and firmware version… anyway… we’ll see.

Contact Pimax directly at there http://feedback.pimax.com/

8K-X full package here.

I got an ‘about to ship’ email out of the blue too late october and it asked if I pleaded (they mean pledged) 8k-x do I want a 5k/8k until 8k-x is released. It wasn’t a web form, but just a written email we had to hand type into back to Pimax.

Relieved, I replied yes please, but cautious, asked for confirmation if I get a loaned 8K will I really still get an 8K-X and not be taken out the queue?.

I never got a reply to this, other than to say they’ll ship soon once I get a tracking number. I haven’t received one yet. I’m low #400 KS and that was 8th november. Hopefully it’ll all be OK and I’ll get an 8K first and then can send it back for an 8K-x, my original pledge. Big fingers crossed as no one replied about that either and received no instruction how we send our loner headsets back to China. Gulp…

You mean http://feedback.pimaxVR.com

Ya this is pretty disorganized.

Thank you so much for posting! :smiley: I’m backer # 31xx and I didn’t see the email. Somehow, it wound up in my spam folder, even though I’ve received other emails from Pimax.

It’s from a different survey site.

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Hey, guys. One more confused 8K-X backer here willing to hunt for a definitive answer for all of you guys.

I just wanted to revive this thread, since from your experiences presented here it seems like Pimax never actually confirmed anything themselves. And as I’m currently experiencing issues regarding Pimax support I thought I might want to put it here as detailed as possible.

Back at the Berlin backer meetup I talked to a Chinese representative of Pimax about changing the 8K loaner that I chose previously in another survey to a 5K+, because why not. It’s not like I would keep it anyway, so why not try the 5K+. So, that guy confirmed to me that I would be able to choose a 5K+ as a loaner instead with the next survey. And in case someone questions whether or not I intended to keep my 8K-X pledge and receive a loan unit, I literally said it mere minutes before in an interview with MRTV which can be accessed by anyone.

Then in December the survey arrived in my mailbox and you all know about the strange part where it asks you to opt for another HMD. Of course I went for the 5K+ in my belief that it would still just be a loaner. Last monday I received it and was immediately disappointed, because of the flickering dots on the screen that others experienced already. So, the first thing I did was contacting the support at support@pimaxvr.com, to which they didn’t respond yet.

This is what I sent them:

"Dear Pimax team,

first of all I would like to make sure that I still expect to receive a Pimax 8K X in the future and that the 5K+ that arrived today is just considered a loan unit. Since the wording in Pimax’ survey back in December was very confusing and the package of the device does not indicate that it indeed is a loan unit, I would like a definitive confirmation that there hasn’t been a misunderstanding and that I am still entitled to receive an 8K X unit at the time it gets produced in exchange for a 5K+ unit that I already received.

Speaking of the 5K+, I just received it and I noticed that its screen would show multiple flickering dots randomly at different spots. At times (about every 10-20 seconds) the whole screen goes black for a fraction of a second. This is not something I expected after seeing the 5K+ working properly at the Berlin backer meetup last year, even though in the forums there was an oddly high number of reports on that matter. Please help me resolve the issue and thanks in advance.

Additional information:

  • PiTool
  • HMD firmware
  • problems occur on all quality and fov settings
  • amount of flickering pixels varies (first about 10 to 20 per frame, now above 50, which makes it look like a snow storm in dark areas)

[my name]
Order Number
Kickstarter Backer #2870"

As I said before this never got an answer. So yesterday I shot them a second mail to ensure that I would eventually get the support I was looking for… and the answer to that goddamn loaner question as well:

"Pimax Backer #2870 - Pimax 5K+ issue

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

since my last attempt to inform you about the issue I have with my newly received Pimax 5K+ has not been honoured with attention yet, I once again request your assistance.

First of all I still want to make very clear that I on multiple occasions (one time at the Backer Meetup in Berlin was even recorded on video and published on Youtube) stated that I was definitely looking forward to receive the 8KX unit that I pledged $746 for, but that in the meantime I was willing to receive a loan unit until the 8KX is produced and ready for shipment. The only occasion that didn’t give me the chance to be as clear about it as I was everywhere else was a survey sent to me by Pimax itself. So, I’d please like you to reassure that the 5K+ I received is in fact a loan unit and that I am still entitled to an 8KX unit later on.

And now to the bigger problem: Flickering dots on the display (which reach from a few at the start of a session to a.
This should not be news to you, since there have been multiple instances of that issue. I can still rule out a number of possible reasons for that behaviour on my unit:

*Firmware - Latest PiTool version, latest Nvidia Driver for my 1080Ti with DP 1.4 update applied and latest headset firmware were used while testing.
*GPU - Multiple DP ports have been tested with the same results everytime while other devices using those ports are working fine.
*Power supply - As suggested by the community forums I tried a different power plug with the same voltage as the one that came with the headset but less amperage, which did not get rid of the flickering in a way that I would call it a solved problem… instead it just slowed down the process a little bit. And I am not going to try any of the methods that suggest to open up the cable in order to install a ferrite core into it.

Since the device is still considered defective (which might or might not be due to a low quality cable) I request a solution to this problem, even though my unit is only supposed to be a loan unit. I am very sure that seeing random flickering dots right before your eyes can be considered a health risk. You sure know why one specific Pokémon episode has been banned worldwide, don’t you? So, please get back to me and resolve the issue. And don’t forget the part about the 5K+ being a loan unit. I really hate having to ask if your department did their job right, just because of some badly designed survey.

Yours sincerely,
[my name again]"

So, yeah, nothing so far on that one as well, but I will keep you posted and I hope that Pimax will finally respond and clear up the confusion.

And btw, if someone already happens to have an official statement from Pimax on the matter that I seem to have missed, please enlighten me.