8KX and Hand tracking in DCS

Hello, last week I upgraded from an index to the 8KX which has been a game changer for me in DCS so far. I was looking at upping my immersion level in DCS even more by considering the hand tracking module. So my question, is anyone using the hand tracking module with DCS specifically on a regular basis and how has your experience been? Would you recommend it? or is it a buggy mess. I was thinking of mainly using it for MFD and UFC manipulation, I understand it may struggle with lower left/right consoles etc. I fly F16, F18, AV8b, a10, KA50, ah64 mainly. Cheers.

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try pointctrl , much better solution.
works in dcs, prepair3d and x plan. But no way for msfs and his useless double screen vision.


Pointctrl is a hand tracking / 3d mouse emulator set. I see this first time now, thx for pointing it out.

it’s unfortunate that the wait list for pointctrl is so long.

I’m hoping to get mine sometime in 2023…

Already that bad? :flushed: In my time the waiting list was 2 months. (spring 2019)

I was aware of Pointctrl but the waiting list is just way to long and something newer/better would probably be out by the time i got my order :slight_smile: I was hoping that hand tracking would be usable for at least just MFDs and UFCs, but the opinions seem a bit mixed so i may just wait.

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