8kx 120hz! But i have to ask

Will the “2075” models do it in a future?


Just like all our headsets we are always trying to push the capabilities. So if it’s possible we are looking into it.


So is it possible?


If you guys have the bandwidth for 4k 120 now, I would be really curious if your upscaling mode on the X could do 1920x2160 at an even higher refresh rate like 180hz?

1920x2160 specifically because it would upscale very nicely with minimal upscale blur. You would only need a 2x scale on 1 axis.

The other thing is, if you have the bandwidth, you should scan the panel out faster at lower refresh rates.

I got my Pimax 8KX from Amazon on April 29, 2022 and it’s 2075 so the new 2076 serials must be very recent. I would be interested in knowing how the 4K panels have changed. It’s ok to improve the 8KX even if mine can’t do 120Hz as it did the 90Hz improvement fine I’m just curious if the newer 4K panels have better advantages other than 120Hz. Thanks.


I have a 2076 version 8kx but there is no any download link to 120Hz firmware. Anyone can share the new firmware and new pitool?

You can send a message to @PimaxQuorra to request the latest test firmware. Note, make sure you let him know that you are aware about how to manually flash your headset.

I’m crying and shaking with my 2075 fml


Received another email today where you guys dont talk about serial numbers…

Does this mean anything?? :sweat_smile:


Autoresponse… I read pcgamer article till the end… Nothing new

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Sorry for the Noob question but how do we message PimaxQuorra?

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In the message you are replying to (or this message) just click on @PimaxQuorra and a window will appear. Then you can click on the orange message button to create the message.

@PimaxUSA - Thanks & I contacted @PimaxQuorra and was told that they will not release the Beta to anyone yet.

There are some unexpected bugs and they want everyone to have a smooth experience upon release at end of July.

I think that is good idea rather than release something half baked ! :ok_hand:


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