8K-X vs 8k+, what's the difference?

I haven’t been around for a while, and got really sideswiped by yesterday’s announcements. I have not had time to watch the video, so maybe the info is there, but otherwise I have looked a little bit and not seen this described anywhere:

What is the difference between the 8K+ and the 8K-X? Sounds like they have the exact same panels now, but the 8K-X cannot do wireless and has a shorter cable. I am an 8K-X backer and would like to get an idea what the story is.

The 8K+ is basically a regular 8K with all the ‘new model benefits’ and the screen of the 8K-X. It still upscales from 1440p, but the screen pixels are a LOT better than the current 5k+ and 8K.

edit: The only difference between the 8K+ and the 8K-X is that the 8K-X gets the native resolution instead of an upscaled one (although, that is a toggleable feature on the 8K-X), and that the 8K-X has a special cable that’s apparently widely different from the other cables, and therefore it can’t be extended.

The 8K-X can do native 4K-per-eye at 75Hz. It can also do upscaled 1440p-per-eye at 90Hz.

The issue with wireless and cable length are both bandwidth related issues that result from transmitting 2x4K signals. The 8K+ doesn’t suffer from that because it only does 2x1440p signals.

Theoretically, you could still use the same wireless and cable solutions for the 8K-X if you only operated in upscaler mode.

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Theoretically, yes but I wonder why they didn’t mention it although it would have been a plausible statement, actually beneficial to 8kx sales.
That‘s why I’m suspicious about that and settled for surprises.

I thought it was 75Hz

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You are right. It is 75Hz,