8K-X release - any rough timeline?

During the kickstarter it was stated that the 8K-X would be released around 6 months after the 8K, obviously this isn’t going to happen, but what is the current internal (subject to change) rough idea on what kind of target we are now looking at?

Please, @anon84525399 @PimaxUSA @Doman.Chen

I mean, its obviously not even going to be 1 year, so are we looking at 2 years? 3?

Basically, if its going to be another 2+ years then I’ll go ahead and get an Index to tide me over as the 5K+ is unusable to me without the other stretch goals to make it fit.

I mean really I would just prefer to get a refund if thats at all possible - normally I wouldn’t be bothered with a kickstarter, you take your chances and all that, but in this case pimax are clearly not having any problems with funding, they’ve just decided not to bother developing the product I backed for.


As an X backer myself I suspect 18months.


When their big announcement is they haven’t done any accessories yet and have no dates of when they will and instead of developing the controllers they sold us they rewrapped a vive wand but they’ll still make some decent controllers later…later. 18 months in.
It’s really looking bleak for you guys.

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We still think this year. There are a couple of small teams in 2 different countries that have been on it continuously. It is intended to be the flagship product.


That would be great if true, assuming its also coming with the new headstrap and foams to make it usable.

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Pimax; as a 8K-X backer I have a 5K+ loaner unit that came defective. Should I request a replacement as I wait for my 8K-X?

Defective in what way?

The right LCD panel bottom half of the screen pixels shake constantly back and forth. There is a “tear line” horizontally in the right display, the top being pixel stable but the bottom right half shaking 1-pixel back and forth. Very distracting.

Ticket “SUPEN-4440”

I would get the replacement if I were you.

We have a new shipment of devices for warranty purposes coming that were just manufactured a couple of weeks ago. I see you have included the number so we’ll flag that one and as soon as the inventory arrives we will make the arrangements.

We will then time the exchange by sending you a label for the return and providing the new headset from the new inventory. Should only take 1-2 days to New Jersey. Late in the year when your 8KX is available we will repeat the process.


The 8k-X coming out this year would shock me to the core, and would be an enormously pleasant surprise.

I won’t hold my breath but if the goal to make it this year, it means that if it DOESN’T, then sometime early next year should be achievable. Looking forward to more news, and really hoping it truly is flagship and blows us all out of the water.


For backers I hope there will be some flexible conditions for the transition from 8K to 8K-X? (as well as for 5K backers)
I have 8K, and I lack clarity of resolution (especially in car simulators). The resolution 8K is on par with Lenovo Explorer, I checked it many times.

It was expected that if there are 2 4K panels in 8K, then the clarity and SDE should have been at the Pimax 4K level, but we did not get it from 8K. Although we believed in it to the last, who stayed at 8K.

Now I have to think about third-party headsets, such as the HP Reverb, which corresponds to my desired high resolution and clarity.

If I knew that we have some special flexible transition conditions or, perhaps, replacing our 8K (and possibly 5K) headsets with 8K-X, I would not think about HP Reverb, but I would just wait until the end of the year Release 8K-X.

And otherwise I like my Pimax. FOV suits me a lot.
But I really need a higher resolution.

After all, those who went to 8K-X initially use 8K and 5K + temporarily until 8K-x is released, and then they will simply be replaced with 8K-X …If I knew that there would be such conditions, then I would choose 8K-X initially. (and that 8K doesn’t achieve high resolution with its weird panels)
Why can’t the rest of them backers also allow them to pay extra for the exchange for 8K-X ?

It seems to me that it is worthwhile to allow all interested backers to simply switch to 8K-X with an additional fee and return of the current version (8K / 5K +), so that they do not look for other high-resolution headsets, but stay only with Pimax.

For me, this would solve all the problems of finding a high-resolution headset. But soon I will have to spend extra money not on Pimax, but on HP Reverb, in which they were able to achieve high resolution…

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I will upgrade to a Pimax 8K-X when released. Currently I have the 8K and I love it but I think better panels and the clarity of actual 4K per eye as opposed to upscaled would be great.

I might also have a PC build near the same time that would run it and do it justice.

Count me in. :+1:


Also agreed. I love my 8K fov and sde … only things to improve is resolution and clarity.

Would love to be able to upgrade to 8K-X … very excited to hear more about it.


Yes, I also want to upgrade to 8K-X. And for that there is a big reason.

Pimax 8K did not achieve the quality of resolution we expected.
The 8K should not have a diagonal pattern that is commonly used in Oled panels, PenTile (two subpixels instead of three).
If 8K had normal 4K panels with an RGB structure, then we would now have better resolution quality with our 8K. And we would not need to spend additional funds on other headsets.

If I knew this initially, and I knew that I would receive 8K / 5K + for my temporary use before the release of 8K-X, I would have chosen 8K-X, of course, at the very beginning.

Therefore, I really want Pimax to provide us with such an opportunity, and so that we will receive in the end exactly the permission that we were counting on at the beginning. (even with a surcharge, even if it is 8K-X).


Unfortunately unless the 8k-X came out within 6 months of us receiving out headsets. (Kinda like Evga deal) it is a big expense to have a cheap upgrade.

What I could see is like the pimax 4k a low value turn in deal might be offered. Maybe $250 to $300 max on trade in (more likely $200 to $250). Off buying the new headset.

More likely our best bet is the ides I think was it @risa2000? That mentioned trying buying new display panels & try a swap out.


Even p4k like raimbow rgb panels would be nice versus standard patterned used in 5k+

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Yes, if take panels from 4K and put them in 8K, then the resolution would be much better in it. (but there would be other disadvantages, ghosting, etc.).
It is a pity that the PImax 4K such panels, and they are 60hz.
Otherwise, we could now enjoy the best quality Pimax 8K with panels from there :roll_eyes:

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Let it even be some option with the replacement of panels that will stand in the 8K-X. I agree to that.
In the end, we already know how to disassemble our Pimax carefully, thanks to @Sjef :beers:

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I’m not saying use the p4k panels there only 60hz & quite dated.

I don’t think sony’s new xperia with raimbow rgb 4k panels have had the refresh upgrade either.

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