8k-X my first impressions ~Djonko

So today I received my 8k-X, still haven’t gotten any tracking number for it, not via email, not via the store, but who cares if you have it in your hands :slight_smile:

I only had very brief time to play with it today, about 90 minutes, so I’m just giving my first impressions. Let’s start with the bad - the comfort. I’m not sure yet if it’s because of the hinge problem or what really causes it but this thing is highly uncomfortable to me. Will have to figure out how to make it more comfortable and that’s going to be worth it, because, damn … this resolution is just WOW!!

There’s a lot that’s not perfect to me about this headset. Comfort is horrible (maybe due to the hinges), audio is quite bad (although doable I guess if you have very low expectations). Distortion might be slightly improved over the 5k+ but it’s still there. Colors are also slightly improved over the 5k+. They’re good enough for me, although I still think they don’t match the index colors (let alone oled of course). And somehow the feeling of presence is definitely lower than my index. But man … this resolution!! There’s just no way I can go back to the Index after having tried this headset. I’d take this headset over the index, over the starVR and all the other headsets I own. Just the ‘church’ environment in the steamVR room is so freaking awesome… Oh and if you’ve tried 8k SBS ‘adult’ content on this thing you’ll never put on your index again neither :wink:

So, the king of them all at the moment, although there surely is a lot of room for improvement. I wish we could combine the StarVR’s FoV, the non-distorted lenses of the StarVR, the StarVR OLED colors, the StarVR feeling presence and then this resolution. If I could sign a contract now that in the next 10 years I can’t use any other headset than that one right now, I’d probably do it haha.

So for now, the 8k-X will be my default headset, without a doubt. Let’s see how it compares to the Reverb G2 next month though!


Thanks for your thoughts, @Djonko. Looking forward to hearing more.


Thanks for your impressions. Just, if your problem with the sound is that it is low and tinny, please make sure to adjust the windows speaker properties. The hinge is almost certainly the reason for the majority of your discomfort.


Thanks. Scary about the hinges. what region are you in? Not that it matters for order of shipment.

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you can request some better hinges from pimax and if you have access to a 3d printer some should be available on thingiverse, they need a little polishing still though so give it a few days.


congrats, btw have you tried helixvision with the 8kx? I’ve tried to play shadow of tomb raider in 3d vr with helixvision, I can’t wait to receive the 8kx and play the pancake games in stereoscopic 3d AND high def.

btw did you not even receive a txt about the delivery at all?


Wow, congrats man! Happy to see you received your 8KX. Looks like I’ll have to be checking my front door daily since it seems Pimax is bad at giving tracking information.

How does FOV of the 8KX compare to StarVR. Is it close?


grats, still waiting on my, out of curiosity what was your order date?


He pre-ordered Oct 31st, 2019 if I remember correctly.


thx for the review! keep posting!
because of tracking numbers: I asked yesterday about my tracking number (upgrade SO609x, order placed 8th Nov 2019) and got one today on request :roll_eyes: might be coincidence, but we just shouldn’t be running after those :neutral_face: also I hope they don’t send those first upon request/some pressure. :thinking:
either way : for now it’s only saying “Shipment information sent to FedEx” ( 09\14), now wondering how long until it actually gets here (Switzerland). F5, F5, F5… :nerd_face:


Yeah the audio, I didn’t mention it in my review, since I haven’t tried it until now.
Its really not much, but I never considered going with the build in audio and use my behering headphones on this one.


You might when your 8kX gets all sticky


Glad you like it after all waiting time. Play with color settings in PT and tell us more pls. Compare to 5K , Index and your broken G1 :wink:


Thanks for the feedback Djonko. Wondering if you received an email with a contact email address to the 8KX product manager for feedback on the product? I suppose they would love to hear from you :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


Finally someone brave enough to admit they tested this. Would you mind writing a bit more in depth review of this compared to the 5k+ in the “Nature thread”: https://community.openmr.ai/t/nsfw-topic-high-res-nature-videos-to-showcase-the-8kx-clarity/25907/96
Think a lot of people would appreciate that.
Thank you!


I’ve tried old 2160p SBS and it’s not cool at all anymore on 8KX, though felt nice on GearVR.
And 8k content is scarce. Have to wait :frowning:

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Thanks for the impressions! Do you think your feeling of less presence is being affected by not being able to wear the headset comfortably yet or is there something about the image that is causing it?


Well maybe if you put it on large, but still, it’s quite a bit of difference. Besides the StarVR has clear view over the whole FoV, the Pimax is blurry at the edges. I think most people don’t use it in ‘large’ mode because of that. So no, FoV wise the StarVR is really in its own league. But man the StarVR’s resolution is just way too low in my opinion.

I briefly tried messing with the colors yesterday. With contrast at +2 it already seems pretty close to oversaturation, so I don’t think there’s too much room for improvement unfortunately. For me the colors are just about good enough to be acceptable, but YMMV.

Haha I might add to that topic. But in short: 4k/5k movies are just not good enough anymore on the 8k-X. 6k content looks better but still not perfect. 7k/8k content looks really good. I’d say it comes close to monitor 1080p mode.

Yeah 4k really doesn’t look good on the 8k-X. Too bad some studios are still shooting only in 4k

I’m really not sure why yet. Feeling of presence has been the highest for me on the StarVR. But the resolution is really just such a bummer on that thing. I’d take the 8k-X over it any day, even though I do feel a bit less presence. But these are just my very first impressions, will certainly try to tweak and mod this headset to get the most out of it.


In some of my favourite sims +2 saturation and -2 brigthness works very well for me, for others +1 Sat and -1 bri is good enough. How about black level ? Is better or close to Index or milky like in 5k+ ?


Thank you for your reply.
That is very interesting. So 4k/5k looks worse than in 5k+? Is this only in native mode or is it also the case if you run it in upscale mode?