8k X Low res Blurry games, sharp menu page (Solved)

OK, i just booted the 8k X for the first time. So far underwelmed. But…that is only because I can’t get the games to render appropriately.

While on the Black Void SteamVR menu page I can see the icons sharp. But when I click any application everything looks like 640 x480. What’s up with that? Is there a setting I am missing?

On another note
Color wise, I shouldn’t have use the StarVR one right before the 8k X. The Colors and FOV at this point are much better on the StarVR one than the 8k X. The blacks are grey, very distracting and disappointing. Lets hope once is running correctly it will wow me.


Have you edited your SteamVR maxRecommendedResolution setting yet? If not, there’s a setting you need to adjust, since SteamVR’s defaults aren’t high enough res for wide FOV headsets.

You can search the forum for details, but this should get you started: https://community.openmr.ai/t/solved-maxrecommendedresolution-issue-problem-with-pimax-8k-on-iracing/27411/2?u=neal_white_iii

Also, you might want to read this:




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