8K-X: Is a dual DP1.4 front panel available on the market - hub required?

8K- X users have the novel requirement for having a tethered HMD cord with dual DP 1.4 connectors, not a single HDMI. In normal instances, we just plug this into the back of our PC case, and leave the cord trailing, no real issue.

Yet for those with tiny rooms, or HTPC with no access to the rear of our PC cases as they’re tightly packed into an AV unit, we need access to the front to plug in our headsets. The problem is, currently I cannot find anyone selling a VR compatible dual DP 1.4 front panel for the 8K-X.

Gigabyte have their own Dual HDMI front panel for GTX 1080 cards for VR which routes the cables
internally so you can plug your headset in front the front of your PC case, what I’m after…

Yet as this is dual HDMI, for 8K-X users, this is presumably little use to us, so I was thinking…

Can we…

  1. Purchase a PC case front panel, such as this, choosing the two USB version.

  2. Remove the HDMI ports.

  3. Hot glue gun in some DP 1.4 connectors we source ourselves and create our own DIY, DP 1.4 front panel?

Any thoughts please or am I getting confused about how 8K-X will connect? Maybe Pimax will make a hub? If so, does this solve the issue as if we have enough clearance in an AV unit setup, we just connect the hub to the back of the PC and place the hub on the top of the PC case?


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Sounds like it should work fine. Some old pc cases had extra ports on the front & simply used short cables that ran out the back of the case & plugged into the rear panel.

If you have access to a 3d printer you might find a front panel with what your looking for.

Alternatively often cases have cover plates for 3.5 or 5.25 bays & with a dremel/drill & file could mod & hot glue like you mentioned.

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Hello and thank you for your reply and ideas.

I’m glad I wasn’t on the wrong path as I have no idea how VR works, especially with the cables. I’ll try and come up with some ideas, and see where it gets me.

Maybe someone reading this will see a ‘gap in the market’ and kindly produce a dual DP 1.4 front mounted faceplate one day for the 8K-X people, as I struggle to understand a 3D printer website, never mind how to design and order a part. I like the ideas though, what you mentioned.

All the best.

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