8K X and iRacing

Hi guys

I got iRacing working on the 8K X at 75hz flat but it seems like i got some eye strain occurring today. I used 1.0 pitool and SteamVR SS at 100%. I tried to switch to Upscaler at 114hz, but then i saw a mirrored bar of the screen on the left and right sides, while the middle was “normal”

Anyone Know what that could be? Its like 2 bars of a mirrored view in the peripheral.

Also it blurred the image in front if my alot although i didnt check fpsVR when i saw the mirrored views on each side, and just switched it back to Normal 75hz mode.

If anyone knows why i saw those images on each side. Please let me know how to turn it off

I received 8kx yesterday and ran in my iracing league. Only ran native mode… 75 fps and looked amazing! I ll test more when I get home from work👍


Try the 114hz upscale mode. Let me know if you see those sides being mirrored. I didnt play with the settings because i had a race coming up, so i went back down to native, but i feel it might be due to SPS on in iracing settings, or something similar like maybe PP has to be on. Not sure. It was strange and distracting to have these pieces of image in the peripheral view.


I ll check when I get home… iracing doesn’t need pp anymore .but I LL try to see if I experience.same.issue as you.:+1:

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Hey @MikeJeffries try PP OFF and EnableSPS=0
*Also I have AlignmentFix=1
I haven’t tried with SPS on, but I also use a 1080Ti, not sure how it works with 20-series. I think with my 1080Ti I’d have to enable PP for SPS to work, but it felt good with my settings above.

Upscaled mode looks awful to me, and I only have the option for 118Hz…weird that people seem to have 112/114/118.

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I forgot.to mention I only have one face foam :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I ordered 2 thin foams, which they combined with my order, plus they gave me the thick and thin one for my 8k x order itself


Yeah, I got one foam also. Surprised you didn’t get two since yours shipped after they announced 2 were going to be included…oh well. Should be getting another one in my backer box since I returned my 5K+

Also, the foam seems to be wearing out a bit at the edges, so I may order more anyway at some point…to be fair though they’re really soft and comfortable.


I noticed the thicker foam is whats causing the distortion. I noticed it on the 5k+ blue housing and now on the 8K X. The moment i put on the thin foam, i can see much clearer in the peripheral view. Almost no distortion although there is a slight line.

Also, i do use a 2080Ti, so I have SPS on and PP off and ye, i agree upscaled mode looked like sheeeeeet… Not sure why and that mirrored view on the sides.


@Brogs @cazman321 - did either of you try the upscaler mode with iRacing yet? I havent tried it after the recent beta update for the 8k x upscaler mode but hopefully it works this time without those weird side bars.

I haven’t tried upscale. Native mode actually is solid 75 fps and looks wonderful. I ll have to try upscale when I get home from work.

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Same here - i agree. I wanted to try and get 114hz working to see how it looks, but before that last beta update i turned it on, saw the blurry mess it looked like and those mirrored side images, and just switched it back because i didnt have any time to tweak the settings to see if i can get it working well. I have a feeling when you switch to 114hz upscale mode it probably changed the resolution SteamVR sees, but i didnt check to confirm that.

Haven’t tried it with iRacing yet (I’ll give it a go later tonight if you haven’t tried it yet yourself), but the Upscale Mode @ 114Hz looks very good now…it was awful at 118Hz. I only tried it with Beat Saber. Definitely a bit of a softer image, but the FPS increase was noticeable, and also without the excess ghosting I saw with the 110Hz 5K+ I used to have…I’d still rather have 90Hz because the whole point is to save performance, and 90Hz is good enough. I did try a beta of the 90Hz and it also ran well, but for some reason the firmware had something like “13%sound” in the name which made the sound almost mute.

Decided to try the updated M8 GTE last night and it felt great btw at the baseline setup. I’m not the best racer but I could feel the difference. I’ve only really used the car for the BMW 120 with a friend, so I’m not the best judge.

I know i was in the BMW M8 race this morning i did 2 of them - amazing tires now.

Outside bars - are well known and fameous ‘distortions’, in native mod they are much smaller so you dont notice them, but in upscale its definitely an issue, there is nothing you could do to get rid of them, except going back to native (which is highly recommended).

Eye strain may come from fps drops /
Motion Smoothing. Try to lower your ingame settings to very low and play couple races to see if that actually helps.

The latest beta got rid of it.


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