8K+ won't accept any firmware later than 262


I’ve been happy using my 8K+ with 262 firmware for a while now, I’ve tried a few time previously to upgrade the firmware but it never works. Doing it via PiTool never works, and I have to flash the specific dfu with Flashertool. Whatever version I have tried it never takes, the headset never boots up to the point it’s seen by PiTool, I have to revert back to 262 each time. I’ve recently upgraded my PC and it’s probably good enough to go 120Hz, so this is the reason now for me to try harder to make the upgrade work.

Has anybody else experienced this issue? I seem to remember reading a thread once where a user required a special built of the firmware before it would work?

Any help would be appreciated.


bump Anybody any ideas, or know anybody that might know?

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