8K+ vs 8KX [why must titles be min 15 chars?]

What is the main difference between the 8K + and the 8K X? I own the + and I saw a web page that looks like it is the same specs.

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8k+ is upscaled only from Qhd to 4k Uhd per eye.

8kX can do Native 4k Uhd or Upscaled.

If you own an 8K+, there’s not much need to get an 8KX. As Heliosurge mentioned, the 8KX does full 4K res per eye at 75 or 90 Hz. It also has a fallback mode to do 2440p per eye; that mode is basically the same as your 8K+.


So screens are the same?

And what is the difference 8K+ and Vision8K+?

Not sure. They have the same resolution as the 8KX.

Maybe @PimaxUSA or @hammerhead_gal could answer your questions.

For exapmle i saw (i and tested both headsets) that 8k, and vision 8k+ have the same displays resolution. But for me, there is a huge difference between pixels density.
Or maybe i found bad specifications?

The original 8k was from the Kickstarter. The 8K+ had many improvements and do not use the same panels. The 8K+ vs the original 8k has new panels, new housing, MAS with hot swappable audio, comfort kit, nose guard, left and right audio jacks, optional optical cable, higher refresh rate, updated scaler, usb powered rather than using an external supply among other things. The Vision 8KX is similar to the Vision 8K+ and has the same enhancements but adds native 4K per eye capability.

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  • Og 8k had a pentile like display
  • 8k+ has same panels as 8kX but upscales like og 8k. 8k+ are Vision model.
  • 8kX does Native and upscale.

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