8K Update 18/01/2018

So we dont have to dig for an update


Please, do not spam the forum with useless phone screenshots of itself. It is enough already when @Heliosurge does that :wink:


Piss of risa. I posted it for people wondering what’s going on


Well, I think this one makes sense because Pimax announced a statement to come after the CES, and you can bet that with every day passing, you would find more and more people asking about the status of it to Pimax (like me today :wink: ). So now they have responded and given the expected time frame for such update, it should be made known to as many as possible, and perhaps not everyone reads all threads…


@Risa: I don’t want to sear all these threads that derailed ages ago for some useful comment. These forums aren’t all the userfriendly either. I apreciate it if something as meaningful as this is posted in its own thread.


Miss this info, thank for detail. Great to hear that.


This thread follows the trends of your other posts, I don’t think you are a very nice person. And I am not wondering wtf is going on so please do not try to act as if you are speaking for the entire community.


Speaking for myself, thank you for posting the post on a new topic, otherwise I would have missed this post.


Your right I ment for “people” wondering. Obviously not everyone. Thanks I have updated

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Dear Soarin, I do not intend to get involved in any personal thing between you and Davobkk, but your comment on this one was… err, how do I say this kindly… obviously not very well-considered:

This is the section of the Pimax forum dealing with the 8K. The 8K was shown at CES 2018, things did not go as expected, issues have raised their ugly head, the delivery schedule has been postponed.

I think it is no stretch to say that approx. 95% of the people on this forum actually will care very much about the update by Pimax, and more information as to when to expect it. And people will not always read all threads, and you might see them asking Pimax to update us in other threads so I think in this case it made sense to open this thread, just to convey the information.


Yes, I thought of doing it, because it was an important answer in my thread, when I saw that @Davobkk had already done it.


Would be great if Pimax pinned all their offical responses :wink:


Or have a closed Topic with the updates.


That actually is the way it should have been communicated, indeed !

But Pimax are Pimax, lots of improvisation, not much of a structured approach… but okay, as long as they get the substantial parts of their 8K right, it will all end up in anecdotes of the early days of that avantgarde VR company we will all smile about… (but right now Pimax’ next steps will determine whether these anecdotes will be about the avantgarde company or about yet another failed KS campaign)

@Davobkk @all
Apparently, my message did not come over as intended so let me clarify it a bit. I do not mind posting updates on this forum at all. I do mind the way @Davobkk did it.

First, if you decide to take someone’s post out of the context of another thread and post it separately and claim it what you want it to be (i.e. 8K update in this case), you should verify with the original poster first, that she is ok about it. Because what may seem obvious to you may not be her intention at all and some reply in some thread may not be what she would like to post in a separate topic as an official update. In short you have no authority on this.

If you nevertheless feel compelled to take someone’s post and repost it with different intention, you should:

  1. Reference the original post so everyone who is interested can follow the context, eventual discussion and further clarification on the subject, in the original thread.

  2. Reference the original author, so she is aware of your repost and can mitigate or explain the post if she feels it is needed.

If you used the forum “share the link to this post” function, it would resolve the last two points automatically for you. Unfortunately, phone screenshot is completely useless in this situation and that was my point.

Anyway, all I wrote above is just a different verbalization of the same thing called “respect for the original poster”. Let’s see if we as community can agree on that.



There are certainly examples on other occasions where this would be a fair comment/complaint - but on this one, you are making it too complicated. Good point, but wrong occasion to make the point.


Agreed i evrn made them a pinned & closed topic so it would be easy to follow without need to “spam” threads so they don’t get buried & missed.

@Cdaked i already did that for the team. :dizzy_face:


But I was referring to official publications only by Pimax, not by the backers.


That “Official 5k/8k updates” was originally for that purpose. Lol.

Even said so in Op statement. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


No you are right, Davobkk has not even had a history of posting inflammatory articles so that was not fair. I apologise for saying he is a bad person.

Right now the first page of the Pimax 8k forums is a whirlwind of shitpost topics, coming back to the forum on a daily basis and looking for constructive posting is taxing. Every other thread is someone criticising the product, the company, the public demonstrations or telling Pimax to add another useless feature to an already time starved development team.

The number of duplicate threads, each screaming for answers is really childish and shows either the user has not been reading the forums themselves or insist on generating their own personal space. Xunshu will post information when they have good news available and as her track record states it will be an official sticky thread: http://community.openmr.ai/users/xunshu/activity/topics

I cannot be the only one who finds the endless drivel a frustration, no new content is preferable to duplicates, complaints, and people asking for another feature.