8k+ same as 5k+?

That can’t be right and I think it must be an issue with pitool (I hope so) but I need to ask

Does 8k+ should have bigger resolution than 5k+ when steamvr is set on 100%?
Colors are also the same. Absolutely no difference in graphic except 8k+ got no visible SDE.
Everything is exactly the same like my 5k+ without sde

My res at 100% in steamvr is 2562x2106

Render Quality - 1.0
PP - off
maxrecommendedresolution - 16384

Those of you who already have 8k+ could you please tell me what’s your resolution in steamvr at 100%? Thank you :+1:

8K+ and 5K+ has the same input signal at 5K. 8K+ upscale it but you will perceive the same resolution and have to use the same settings in SteamVR. You will notice a bit sharp than 5K+, but not a lot.

You just wasted money.

My 8k+ is better than 5k+ all the way around by a considerable margin.


Go plus 2 on contrast and -2 on brightness for colors they are way better than my 5k+.

@quanentanglement that’s exactly what I had on 5k+ and now I use +2 red and green +1 blue -2 brightness. I can barely see any difference. Also I had sharper image on my 5k+

No SDE is the only better thing :confused:

@SweViver any news about 110Hz for 8k+?

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Not sure then. Maybe down to settings? But my 8k+ is much much better then my 5k+ in colors, contrast , resolution screen door effect, comfort, I can push res higher and get better performance than my 5k+. What is your GPU?

@quanentanglement I have rtx 2080 (not TI version)

Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe 8k+ would be better with higher resolution.
Can’t wait for 3080ti :wink:

What game did you test? I’m spending all my time with dirt rally 2

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I’ve tested a lot of games.
Siners and saints
Shadow legend
Curios tale of the pets
Hellblade vr
Fallout 4
Luckys tale
Probably some more, Lucky’s tale looks insanely sharp and smooth! No horrible black dots like my 5k+.:face_vomiting:
I was seeing details in Hellblade that I never seen before, and that game is heavy workload for any GPU.( should still have headroom to s.s. with next gen.)
Fallout 4 actually looks awesome. I think I may finely play this game. Going to add some mods and figure out controller scheme. Index controllers aren’t compatible I will probably use OG vive wands.

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But then the difference might be that you have one of the not so good batches of 5k+.


How would you be able to push res higher and get better performance? The work being done by the GPU is exactly the same.
I am sure the 8K+ is great but this sounds a lot like placebo effect (for the performance).


Possibly, I’m not using fpsvr. But I seem to get less stutter and less frozen screen or crashes at high res.

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